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Journey to Gatlinburg in the Summer

It’s summertime in Gatlinburg, and everyone from locals and visitors alike are thoroughly enjoying all that Gatlinburg in the summer has to offer. The warmer weather brings everyone out to enjoy festivals, live entertainment, arts and crafts, and an assortment of fun activities. If you plan on visiting Gatlinburg this summer, why not check out some of the following popular festivals and events? You are sure to love them.


Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales This Summer in Tennessee

What is summer in Tennessee without a good music festival? Well, Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales invites you to enjoy the musical talents of local musicians. This event is a seven-week-long summer street performance festival. You be able to listen to and enjoy a variety of different theatrical and musical performances. Some of the performers get into full character and share stories from various time frames that date back to the 1800s. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to really enjoy the festivities, the live performances are scheduled during the evening.


Independence Day Fun

In Gatlinburg, Independence Day is a pretty big deal. In fact, this small town prides itself on offering the first Independence Day celebration each year with all the celebratory Gatlinburg in the summer activities beginning immediately at midnight. The Independence Day celebration starts off with the annual parade that stretches more than a mile. Because of the popularity of the event, you may want to get to the parade site early to get a good view. This parade is so popular that it has received numerous awards and national recognition. The Independence Day celebrations end with a bang with the Fireworks Finale. The Fireworks Finale is a 20-minute fireworks display that starts in the late evening. Make your way downtown to get some of the best sights of the Fireworks Finale.


Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival

If you love to listen to music or are a singer-songwriter yourself, the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival is something that could interest you. This festival features hit songwriters that will provide live entertainment while also offering songwriter assistance, mentoring sessions and even stage spots. This festival serves the purpose of helping songwriters connect to their audience as well as attract the attention of publishers and producers.


Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair

Held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, come view and purchase the many handmade crafts from local, regional, and national craftsmen. You’ll get to see craftsmen make their items as well. The Southeast Tourism Society considers this event as one of the top events in the southern United States. There is a cost for admission.

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