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Terms and conditions

CHECK-OUT TIME: 10 AM Eastern Time
Unapproved late check out will be at a charge of $50.00 per ½ hour.                                   
No refunds for early checkout or weather conditions. We highly recommend Travel Insurance. 
Along with our normal security deposit, there will be a damage waiver charge applied to each reservation. The damage fee covers up to $1,000 in reported damages. Guest will be responsible for all intentional or reckless damages, and the credit card on file will be charged. Guest also authorizes agent to charge any expenses relating to intentional or reckless damage, cleaning of the unit beyond a normal cabin cleaning, or theft of any property from the unit, to the credit card on file for that cabin. The guest who uses their credit card for the deposit is considered the responsible party, and all necessary charges concerning said cabin will be charged to the credit card on file, no matter who in the group caused the damage. You will be required to provide a credit card at the time of making a reservation. Deductions will be made for missing kitchen, linen, and decoration items, as well as for property damage. We will also collect a refundable security deposit of $500 (per cabin). This deposit will be returned following our inspection after the guests departure. Pictures are taken before and after each stay and you will not be charged for any previous damages or wear and tear. Please follow our check out procedures in order to order to insure you receive your full deposit back. In cases of bad weather or extreme cleaning or maintenance on a cabin check in may be delayed until 5:00 PM.

Tenants Responsibility Any damage noticed upon arrival should be reported to the owner immediately. If damage is not reported, you could be charged for the cost of the repair. All general maintenance should also be reported so the unit can be kept in good repair. Any general maintenance items that need attention should be reported to keep the cabin in good repair.

Put all game controllers and remote controls in their proper place.
Dishes are to be washed and put in their proper place. You may leave the dishwasher running when you depart if there is not time enough to finish them.
Put all trash in bags and place outside in the secure containers.
Cabin is to be left in a neat and orderly condition.
Please walk through the cabin to make sure you did not leave anything.
Please make sure all the windows and doors are locked, set the alarm and lock the door.

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 Date:  06/13/2024

Smoking receptacles are provided for use on decks or balconies. Cigarette butts are offensive when thrown on the ground. Please use receptacles on decks or extra cleaning fees could be charged.


Each cabin has a MAXIMUM occupancy that may not be exceeded without written approval.
The signer of the reservation must be present the entire time of the reservation.
We reserve the right to inspect the cabin at anytime.
Any deception or violation of this policy will result in immediate cancelation of lease and tenants will be forced to vacate immediately.
All monies will be forfeited. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation. 


We do not refund rents or deposits due to canceled or shortened stays because of weather conditions. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.


None of our cabins are pet friendly:
No Pets are permitted in the rental units under any circumstances. If a pet is found you will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of rent. If evidence of a pet is found after your departure you will be charged for extra cleaning, pest treatment and odor cleanup.


Rates include a one-time linen setup and cleaning service at the time of departure. There is NO DAILY MAID SERVICE. An initial set up of trash liners and toiletries is provided. Extra items needed are the responsibility of the guest. Bring your toothpaste, laundry detergent, soap, beach towels, extra toilet paper etc.


If your cabin has a lake or fire pit use them at your own risk and please do not leave any trash in the area. DO NOT LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED


Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance deposit and/or rental money and the party will not be permitted to check-in.


Please no not use sidewalk chalk anywhere on ANY OF our properties. Failing to do so could result in the loss of your security deposit.

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Date:  06/13/2024

GUEST assures the LESSOR that the tenants will observe all conditions and terms of this lease as to maintaining the premises in good order and appearance. Tenant will conduct themselves in a manner not to offend or disrespect our neighbors. This also includes not to 
violate their private property restrictions. Doing so could result in a violation of your lease resulting in termination of your lease and forfeiting all rents paid.

GUEST assures the LESSOR that any tenant who violates any of the terms of this Lease shall be immediately denied occupancy and shall remedy any damages or other expenses, which are caused by the tenant and/or the tenant's guest(s).

GUEST agrees that any tenant who is found using drugs or allows others to use drugs on the premises will be immediately denied continued occupancy at these premises and forfeit of all monies collected.

GUEST and/or their guests shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor use the premises for any immoral or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordnance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises.

GUEST agrees to indemnify and save LESSOR harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the leased premises by the GUEST, tenants, or guests or from any carelessness, neglect, or improper conduct of any persons entering, occupying or visiting the leased premises.

GUEST agrees that he/she shall not paint or make alterations to the property, including changing existing locks or adding new ones, without the LESSOR'S written consent.

GUEST may not let, sublet or assign this lease for all or any part of the premises without prior consent of the LESSOR.

GUEST assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the lease for the period stated and assure the LESSOR full recourse for the payment of any amount outstanding from the total amount due in accord with the terms as stated above including any outstanding or unpaid charges that are the responsibility of the guest.

GUEST may not use push pins, thumb tacks or nails or anything else that would put holes in wood in or outside of cabin.

In an emergency, LESSOR or his agent may enter the premises at any time without securing prior permission from guest.

In the event that any action shall be commenced by either party arising out of, or concerning this lease or any right or obligation derived there from, the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive attorney's fees as fixed by the Court in addition to all relief at law or equity.

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Date:  06/13/2024

Functions !!!
Any functions such as Weddings, Parties, Receptions, or any other must be pre approved by owner. [no exceptions]
If not approved you will be asked to leave and forfeit all monies paid. 

Our cabins are located in the Smoky Mountains so most have steep roads / driveways. If you or your family has a problem with steep roads please consult us before you make your reservation.

Coppertop and Million Dollar View cabins share the same swimming pool and also a very steep driveway.

CANCELLATION / RESERVATION  PROTECTION:  We have a strict no refund/no reschedule policy after a 3 day grace period from the time of booking.  You have an option to purchase Reservation Protection at time of booking which guarantees a full refund, less the cost of the protection fee. Up to 90 days before your arrival date, you may cancel the reservation. You may still change your reservation dates inside the 90 day period up to 10 days before your arrival date (15 days for all holiday reservations) However, the paid amount (less the reservation Protection fee and applicable tax) will be placed in a non interest-bearing account and must be applied to a new reservation which dates fall within one year of from the date of cancellation. Once the one year time frame has expired all monies paid will be forfeited. In addition, please be sure to utilize the full amount, as any portion not used is non-refundable and will be lost. Rebooked/Rescheduled reservations are subject to any rate changes for the new dates selected. Please note when booking your new reservation, you will again have the option to purchase the Reservation Protection and the amount will be based on the new reservation total. Without the Reservation Protection, no refunds or reschedules will be allowed. No refunds for early departures, weather or road conditions. 

A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation and the remaining balance is due 60 days before your arrival date. The remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file on these dates. If you wish this final payment to be charged to any other credit other than the one the reservation was made with, then it is the quest responsibility to phone in the remaining payments or make other arrangement before 60 days prior to arrival. All reservations with a remaining balance will cancel 30 days before the reservation arrival date and all monies collected will be forfeited.

I understand and consent to the use of the credit card provided without original signature on the charge slip, I understand that by internet signing that I have read the terms and conditions of this property, I am bound by this agreement and I have "signed "electronically, and that this Credit Card Authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate. Charges may include but not limited to: unauthorized long distance telephone, cable, satellite TV or internet charges, damages beyond normal wear and tear.

I, on my own behalf and on behalf of the other Guests, acknowledge that the Guests fully understand that COVID-19 is highly contagious, and that although The Cabin Rental Store is taking reasonable efforts to mitigate contamination risks, all risk of exposure cannot be fully eliminated. As such, the Guests are assuming the inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 by visiting and/or staying at our property or any other place of public accommodation. Guests hereby waive and release the property owner, property manager and each of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries and employees from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, actions or costs directly or indirectly arising from or in connection with potential or actual exposure to COVID-19 at our property  including, but not limited to, any illness, injury, loss of work, loss of wages, trauma, emotional distress, medical expenses or death suffered in connection therewith. By signing below, I acknowledge, on my behalf and on behalf of the other Guests, that I have informed all Guests of these terms, that the Guests fully understand the waiver set forth above, and that each of the Guests fully accepts all risk of exposure to COVID-19 in connection with visiting or staying at our property.

Need to ship a package for your stay with us? Please contact Melanie at 865-414-3884 so we may assist you. We can NOT guarantee the arrival of packages sent to any of our properties without us having knowledge of the shipment. Should you choose to ship anything without letting us know, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen parcel.

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Date:  06/13/2024
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