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Finding a place to eat that has something for everyone in your group can often feel like an insurmountable task. Especially on vacation when it seems like the stakes are just that much higher. One person wants Italian, one person wants Mexican, and another person wants 12th century Peruvian cuisine. Well, that is where a place like Blaine’s Grill and Bar in Gatlinburg comes in. Not only is the menu incredibly diverse, it is also incredibly delicious.

The Menu to End All Menus

You can be sure that there was no sacrifice of quality for quantity at Blaine’s. No Grill and Bar worth its salt does not offer a wide variety of delicious and classic appetizers, and Blaine’s is no exception to that. Start things off with the juicy chicken wings, the savory artichoke spinach dip, or the deluxe potato skins. From there, the options just get more diverse and delicious.
The meat eaters out there will be delighted with the sheer breadth of options that they have when it comes to their favorite dishes. You can indulge in the Hawaiian Chicken, the famous Smoky Mountain Trout, a grilled sirloin, and a whole lot in between. Vegetarians will find a few pleasant surprises as well like the broccoli Alfredo pasta, the vegetable-filled taco salad, and more. And of course, you can find delicious takes on bar classics like burgers, ribs, quesadillas, and so much more.

Best Restaurants In Gatlinburg TN

Of course, when you go out to spend money on food, you need to make sure the ingredients are high-quality. But the environment and ambiance that an establishment provides can be almost just as important in offering a positive experience for you and your group. Blaine’s is a place of light-hearted fun, and it is always a good bet to catch any of your favorite sports. Plenty of open space, flat screen TVs, and of course, a great drink menu, make it the perfect place to relax while you are resting up for your adventures. And, after 10 pm on the weekends, it becomes one of the best places for great nightlife in Gatlinburg for those above the age of 21. You can always find a good time at Blaine’s Grill and Bar.
You can find this awesome spot in a place that was once known as Rebel Corner at 812 Parkway. You can easily make a day out of it when you are in this hopping area. Check out Blaine’s Grill and Bar and discover your new favorite hangout in Gatlinburg. Contact us today!