Christmas is generally considered the most popular holiday of the year, but here at The Cabin Rental Store, we’re kind of partial to New Year’s Eve, specifically, New Year’s in Gatlinburg. As we say goodbye to the previous year and any mistakes that we may have made or any misfortune that may have befallen us, we get to say hello to a new year; and a clean slate. Everything is possible in the upcoming year and as this decade begins to come to an end, we’re all excited about what’s in store for us in 2019! If New Year’s is your favorite holiday as well, consider spending it here in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains; we’ve provided this list of exciting events you can attend during your New Year’s in Gatlinburg!


New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and Fireworks Show, Historic Nature Trail

It used to be there were only 2 ways to see a Ball Drop on New Year’s in Gatlinburg; you either had to fight the crowds, cold, and lack of facilities in NYC or you could watch it on television. But a visit to Gatlinburg changes all that with our own New Year’s Eve Ball Drop; and we’ve added fireworks and a digital light display, as well as our own brand of Tennessee charm. Gatlinburg’s Space Needle is the spot where the magic starts; if you’re unsure where that might be, just look up and the lights will lead the way!


The Smoky Mountain Opry Theater, 2046 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Located just down the road a piece, the Smoky Mountain Opry Theater offers a special showing of their Christmas special (because we really can’t ever get enough Christmas!) that includes a live broadcast of the New York Ball Drop at Midnight. Meeting the cast after the show ends is another reason a New Year’s Eve night at the theater is such a magical experience!


Enjoy New Year’s in Gatlinburg in Your Vacation Rental

Your New Year’s night on the town can be just as fun if you make it a night at home; our Cabin Rental Store cozy cabins offer a warmth and style that will make you quite happy to stay in for a change! Create a small feast in the fully equipped kitchen (don’t forget dessert!) watch the ball drop on the big screen in the living area and toast the new year with the only people who matter; your family and loved ones! Reserve yours today and get a head start on your good fortune for 2019!