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Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant

Whenever you go anywhere on vacation, you can’t help but think of all the food you will get to eat. It is one of the few occasions where you can drop your diet and enjoy some of the local flavor of the place you are visiting. If you are visiting Gatlinburg, TN, you will want to check out Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant. The eatery features plenty of traditional Smoky Mountain comfort food served in the heart of the Arts and Crafts area. The establishment is located in a cozy cabin and you can sit back and talk to your fellow diners or watch a show on a 1960s television set. It has been a favorite with locals for years. The entrees are named after famous characters and rock bands, and they have something for all dietary preferences.



The menu offers many a hearty meal including the Coal Miners’ Breakfast, which contains three eggs biscuits, potatoes, sliced tomatoes and meat. If you would like a little something from the griddle, they offer three pancakes that come with potatoes and meat. They also offer biscuits with a hearty, homemade pepper gravy.



The lunch menu offers everything from a plate comprised of three side dishes to the Boss Hog, which contains a burger, three sausage patties and bacon, as well as a side. You can also get a Grateful Dead Burger, which comes with cheese and mushrooms. Vegetarians will be pleased to learn that they have a couple of options here. The menu offers spaghetti with marinara sauce, a grilled cheese sandwich and a veggie burger. They also have varying desserts and it is always a good idea to be there when they are serving their blueberry cobbler with ice cream. The Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant is definitely one of the best Gatlinburg local restaurants!


Where to Stay Close to Gatlinburg Local Restaurants

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