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Judy Jones Pottery

Gatlinburg is as unique of a town as just about any other that you may find throughout the United States. Here, you will find a community that is passionate pursuits that will be familiar to you, but everything here is done with a bit of a Smoky Mountain Twist. This especially true of the vibrant art scene in the area. One of the best examples of this is at Judy Jones Pottery and Gift Gallery. A trip here will be among your favorite Gatlinburg activities.


About Judy

Judy is a person who has dedicated her life to the art of pottery. After graduating school in the 70’s, she had the opportunity to teach art, but made the decision to pursue her own art, full-time instead and the community of Gatlinburg has surely been better for it. After living in Iowa for many years, she moved her studio to Gatlinburg in 2001. What brought Judy to move to this incredible area was her participation in the “Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair”, which is one of the coolest fairs you will ever see. Ever since then, this beautiful area and vibrant community has been influencing her art, resulting in some of the most unique work you will ever see.


Amazing Collections & Gatlinburg Activities

There are always new and exciting collections coming through the gallery, simply because Judy works tirelessly on her craft. With each piece, comes a Smoky Mountain-inspired work of art that will provide a new perspective for you to enjoy this area. Another great part about a visit the gallery is it is usually topped off by meeting Judy herself. After spending just a few moments with this vibrant person, you gain a whole new appreciation for her craft and work she puts into these amazing pieces. You will also find countless items for sale that are not only beautiful, but practical. One of the local favorites is Judy’s interesting take on a flower vase, which features the main opening for the flowers with smaller holes surrounding it, offering a more beautiful way to display flowers.

No Gatlinburg vacation is complete without experiencing some of the breathtaking art that comes out of this region. And there is no better way to experience it than by visiting Judy Jones Pottery and Gift Gallery. Stop by the gallery at 530 Buckhorn Rd, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738 or call at (865) 430-3472. Even if you do n

to leave with your own work of art, it will be an experience that you remember for a long time to come.

For more information you can also visit their website https://www.judyjonespottery.com/ today!


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