You will never go hungry when you visit Gatlinburg sometime in the next year. The area features plenty of restaurants for you to choose from. Whenever you want something quick and unique to eat head over to one of the food trucks here in Gatlinburg. You will find cuisine of all kinds at the food trucks and tasty options at a wallet-friendly price. Take a look at the top food trucks Gatlinburg TN has to offer.

Wacky Tacky Taco’s

When it comes to delicious Mexican food you will never go wrong with stopping by Wacky Tacky Taco’s. They are known as the top taco supplier in the area and for good reason. Their selection of food truck items typically sells out and is always busy. The menu includes a variety of tacos with protein options such as carne asada, chicken, and more. Enjoy more unique items such as their taco in a chips bag or their handmade queso that is always a treat. You can enjoy a variety of bottled agua frescas to help wash everything down. Wacky Tacky Taco’s has your taco selection done right!

Chicken Coop

For a seasonal favorite that is always busy during their open months of spring through fall head over to Chicken Coop. This local food truck is the top chicken joint in town and will have your mouth watering as soon as you smell its delightful aromas. They offer weekly menus that include all things chicken in the entrees. Some typical favorites that have been featured include their deep-fried chicken Philly sandwich, friend chicken pot pie, and more. Side items often include their favorite deep fried mash taters and maple Dijon slaw. The nachos come with all of the fixin’s and the fries are always crispy. You will also find their regular menu to be just as exciting. Try out their chicken tenders or boneless wings for a hearty entrée. The wraps and salads are a great way to experience a lighter menu option that does not skip out on flavor. Come check out Chicken Coop during their open months for the real chicken treat.

Gatlinburg is Waiting

The food never disappoints here in Gatlinburg so come experience these food trucks Gatlinburg TN for yourself. Our vacation rentals are a highlight in the area and will keep you close to the activities you want to do.