The perfect New Year’s celebration in Gatlinburg is a mixture of fireworks, exotic dining, and adventure. Whether you came to the city as a family or are in for a solo evening of fun, there is something for everyone to explore on this special night. Here’s what a New Year’s in Gatlinburg looks like.


New Year’s Eve Ball Drop and Fireworks

Dubbed the best New Year’s show in the vast American South, you already have a rough idea of what to expect. It is an iconic show that has held its ground from 1987 to date.

As the name suggests, it is a show of fireworks that runs deep in Tennessee’s heritage. Once it is midnight on the night of New Year’s Eve, these fireworks blast off creating quite a magnificent scene over Tennessee’s skies.


Walk Through the Woods

In a city with such a diverse ecosystem, fireworks cannot be the only thing that entices you on New Year’s Eve. There is more to your New Year’s adventures in the city beyond those blasts.

One valuable alternative is heading out for a walk in the woods. Ardent hikers find Gatlinburg to be exciting for obvious reasons. The views of nature out there on New Year make the walk worth it.


Water Park Adventures

Apart from exploring the woods, this city is also home to multiple water parks. When looking for family-friendly activities to usher in the New Year, these parks easily come to your rescue.

If your interest is in more adrenaline-jerking moments, the smoky mountains of the city have a lot of that to offer. White water rafting is one of those exciting sports that will make your day colorful.


Exotic Dining at Its Best

The next phase of your New Year’s experience in Tennessee revolves around sampling foods unique to the area. Exotic dining is a crucial part of the experience that you can’t afford to miss. For kids, this might be the most fun part of all.

Restaurants in the city have special menus for the night with separate ones for kids. Also, there is a wide range of drinks for you to sample. If you are out with friends, party the night away as you usher in a New Year’s in Gatlinburg and a better experience.


Rent A Cabin

Talk of Tennessee’s tranquil atmosphere and Gatlinburg’s natural splendor, holiday cabins in the city are designed as luxurious spaces featuring high-end amenities that complement your holidays in Tennessee. Contact us today to book your cabins.