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Arcade City

Sometimes, don’t you just long for the good ol’ fashioned days of the arcades? There were no smart phones, no home gaming consoles—just you, a handful of quarters, and a desire to crush your competition and get bragging rights by getting your name at the top of the leaderboard. What if we told you about a place here in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area where you could experience that all over again? A place where rivalries in ski ball or air hockey could be reignited once again, or you could hit the big jackpot and watch the tickets flow out of the machine for seemingly forever. Well, that place is certainly real, and its name is Arcade City!


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Experience Gaming and Family Fun in Pigeon Forge

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about a trip to Arcade City, it’s fun for the whole family! Arcade City provides an incredible entertainment experience with a unique blend of both the hottest and latest arcade game titles as well as classics from yesteryear! Compete for both the high scores as well as against family members for bragging rights, tickets, and most importantly: prizes!


Win Some of the Best Prizes You’ll Find in Any Arcade Anywhere

Now we understand that sometimes getting to put your initials on that high score leaderboard isn’t enough; if you’re going to game, you need to get some prizes out of it! Well luckily for you Arcade City is known to give out some of the most incredible prizes you’ll find in any arcade anywhere! Rack up those tickets and you may even find yourself lucky enough to take home a brand-new Xbox One gaming console! You never know what prizes Arcade City may have in store for you, so make sure to stop in often to see what you could be bringing home this time.

Stop by Arcade City on your next adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains area for some good old-fashioned Pigeon Forge family fun that will help make memories to last a lifetime. Arcade City is located right in Pigeon Forge at 131 Island Drive #1105, and if you have any questions about their hours of operation or anything else, you can feel free to contact them at (865) 286-0149. Arcade City: where everyone is a VIP, and everyone can earn amazing prizes and have some amazing fun!

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