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From our earliest memories of playing peek-a-boo with our mothers to our fascination with the haunted houses and true ghost experiences we can watch on television, the human psyche has always taken a perverse interested in the great unknown. No matter what our beliefs are personally, there is still that momentary thrill when you see something that can’t be explained, and the Ghost and Haunt Tour of Gatlinburg offers the opportunity to explain the unexplainable—even if the explanation is that yes, you are witnessing a ghost! Offering a glimpse into the afterlives of some of Gatlinburg’s most tragic figures, ticket prices are $20 for adults and $12 for children (get your $2 off coupon and make reservations at, making this Tennessee ghost tour an affordable and exciting option for all vacationers.

The Tennessee Ghost Tour Begins in the Lobby of the Smoky Mountain Resort (404 Historic Nature Trail)

Gatlinburg ghost tours offers three different tours—a walking tour that takes place daily, a van tour for those who may not be physically able to walk for long distances, but still want to be scared, and an hour-long ghost hunt similar to those you have watched on television—this tour company takes its job seriously. Learn the stories of some of our most famous ghosts on a walk that takes you by their death places. In some instances, actors dressed as these featured spirits will tell you their tragic stories. In others, your guide may narrate the stories. However, the opportunity to see the sad souls themselves is a very real option; using the same equipment professional ghost hunters use, their SLS camera has been known to document the spirits seen along the way. Reservations are required from March 1st through October 31st. This Tennessee ghost tour is extremely popular; we recommend reserving your spot today!

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