Crystelle Creek Grill

There are endless ways to spend a day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Of course, amazing hikes in the summer and hitting the slopes in the winter are some of the most popular ways to do that, but many visitors’ favorite part falls somewhere in between those adventures, when they get to enjoy some of the amazing cuisine of this gorgeous town. This is especially true of the cuisine that you can find at Crystelle Creek, one of Gatlinburg’s most celebrated restaurants.

Food That Will Make Your Day

The incredible food goes beyond one exceptional menu item, as the goal here is to provide the perfect restaurant experience for everyone. In order to do this, a diverse menu must be provided, with great attention to detail brought to the preparation of every dish. This is what you will find at Crystelle Creek. Since you are in Gatlinburg, you will find the most delicious trout that you have ever had here, but there are also thick and juicy steaks, catfish, ribs, and everything in between. These ribs are a must-have, as they are widely considered the best smoked ribs in all of the Gatlinburg. With each menu item, you will find a new favorite at Crystelle Creek.

An Ambiance That You Can Only Find in Gatlinburg

The food is certainly the most important thing to the incredible staff at Crystelle Creek, but the overall experience is something that they have also worked tirelessly to perfect. This begins and ends with the ambiance that results from the gentle flow of Dudley Creek. There is a cozy dining room featuring amazing views of the wilderness that surrounds, and there is a patio and sports porch. The ambiance is made even more unique by a 150-foot tree that towers over the restaurant and features hundreds of lights. This is also a special restaurant because it is among the few that allow dogs on their heated patio.

Crystelle Creek Grill is an amazing place to get a delicious meal, but it is really so much more than that. It is the type of place where you find yourself staying a bit after you have eaten your full. You will find that there are few occasions when everyone does not leave this place feeling happy and feeling full. What more can you ask of a great restaurant? Call (865) 430-1551 in order to make a reservation and then head down to 1654 East Parkway Gatlinburg, TN 37738 for a meal that you will not soon forget!