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Scenic Helicopter Tours

We’ve often said how some of the best views are available from up high, but now it’s time to take the discussion even higher! Scenic Helicopter Tours, located at 1949 Winfield Dunn Parkway in nearby Sevierville, offers helicopter rides that let you keep your head in the clouds while your eyes remain firmly on the beauty that is below you. With prices that start as low as $29 per person and fly all the way up to $1120 for 1-4 people, this exciting way to view the Smoky Mountains can easily fit into any vacation budget!


Keep It Simple

Flying for 8 miles (1200 feet altitude) along the French Broad River is the simplest tour, allowing for views of the Smokies and the farmlands that surround the river. The Tennessee helicopter tours will give you a new appreciation for the beauty of our fine state, and flying at sunset makes it even better! For those who want a little more bang for their buck, the Lake View Tour flies for 12 miles at an altitude of 1500 feet over Douglas Lake and gives you a bird’s eye view of the Douglas Dam in addition to the Smoky Mountains hovering in the background, and only costs $10 more.


Or Go All Out With Tennessee Helicopter Tours!

The Smoky Mountain Spectacular is exactly that: SPECTACULAR! Covering 100 miles of some of the most beautiful landscape you can ever imagine, you won’t want the magic to ever end! Choose an area to concentrate or let your pilot be your guide. This tour costs $1120 for up to four people and allows you to fall in love with our state all over again! If spending over $1000 is a little rich for your budget, Scenic Helicopter Tours also offers middle of the road priced tours that offer more sights and longer flights than the basic tours. No matter which flight you sign up for, the memories you make on these tours will last a lifetime.


Being Grounded Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Thing

Let your feet touch the ground in one of our luxurious and rustic Cabin Rental Store vacation escapes. The sights from below can be just as heavenly as the ones from above, especially when viewed from the deck of your vacation cabin. Watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains, fish from the pond in your backyard, or gather the family around the dining room table for a night of old-fashioned board games. Your Tennessee vacation promises to be a dream come true! Contact us today to reserve your stay with The Cabin Rental Store today.

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