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Top Strange Gatlinburg Points of Interest to Visit While Here

One of the fun things about living in the South is how we embrace our strangeness. Our crazy relatives are adored, the sayings we have about EVERYTHING are worded in a creative way (bless our hearts!), and the weirder you are, the more we love you! We’re the type of people who will drive 100 miles out of our way to see the world’s largest jack-in-the-box, and if you have a touch of the Southern in you, you will enjoy this list of top strange Gatlinburg points of interest to visit.


Salt and Pepper Museum, 461 Brookside Village Way

You can’t get much more unusual than an entire museum devoted to simple salt and pepper shakers, and this establishment just makes us happy! With the advent of fresh-ground everything, they just don’t put as much thought into the design of today’s shakers, so a visit to this weird Tennessee museum is a refreshing step back in time!


Hillbilly Golf, 340 Parkway

When you have to take a trolley 300 feet up a mountain to get to the first hole of a miniature golf course, you have to know you’re about to experience weird Tennessee action, and it doesn’t get much stranger than Hillbilly Golf! Featuring obstacles found in every self-respecting hillbilly home (think stills and outhouses), an afternoon of hilarity and fun is guaranteed!


Christ in the Smokies

This realistic representation of the life of Christ includes everything from his birth to the Last Supper and beyond. Billed as one of the nation’s foremost inspirational attractions, ticket costs starts at $4.99 (online purchases only) and top out at $12.99 for adult tickets purchased at the door.


World of Illusions, 716 Parkway Suite 206

Although we are pretty straightforward people here in Gatlinburg, you can’t always trust what you see—especially when you see the weird stuff at World of Illusions! Featuring simple illusions such as walking away from your own shadow to the exciting ones in which a friend is made to disappear, there’s a trick and illusion for every person in your family at this Gatlinburg point of interest.


There’s Nothing Unusual Here with these Gatlinburg Points of Interest

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