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Top Off-Road Tennessee Driving Trails in Gatlinburg

Life in the country can get kind of quiet if you let it, and every once in a while, we need to do something to shake things up a bit. Although rabble rousing can be fun at times, we’re getting older and have put stuff like that behind us. So, we like to get in our high clearance pick-ups, climb on the back of our ATV’s and mount our motorbikes for a ride in the wild. Off-road Tennessee driving trails can be just the thing to make you feel alive and adventurous! Here’s a list of our favorite places to play, so if you happen to have a choice between the sedate sedan and the four-wheel drive pick-up at the car rental place, well, let’s just say your entire family CAN fit into the king cab truck!


Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

This Tennessee driving trail isn’t as exciting as some others you may have tried, but the scenery makes it our favorite place to take a drive in Tennessee on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Leading you along a route filled with some of Mother Nature’s finest work, the waterfall at the Roaring Fork stream is a popular spot to stop for a picnic during your glorious off-road adventure. Bring a camera along as well, because the landscape in this area will take your breath away and you will want a memento of the day you explored your wild side.


Bluff Mountain Adventures, 2186 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Not anywhere as tame as the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Bluff Mountain Adventures allows you to live life on the wild side—in the safest of manners, of course! Children 12 years old and up can ride their own ATV’s as long as they are over 4’9”, and children younger and smaller can ride as passengers. Riding up and down hills, through the woods, and even crossing a stream or creek or two, chances are you won’t encounter any woodland creatures (your vehicle is way too loud), but it is a fun way to let off stream and explore your daredevil side! Prices vary according to the adventure you choose and can be purchased from the ticket office address listed above.


Come Home from your Drive in Tennessee and Relax in Comfort

After a long day of hitting the trails during your drive in Tennessee, coming home to the comfort and style of one of our Cabin Rental Stores luxury cabins will be the highlight of your entire vacation. If you’ve rented on our cabins with a hot tub on the porch, a soak should be the first thing you do when you get home. You’ll immediately feel the aches and pains leave your poor jostled muscles and bones! When it’s time for your next vacation in these cabins Gatlinburg TN, ask yourself, “Am I ready for an adventure?” If the answer is yes, reserve your stay today!

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