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Visit Gatlinburg

There is nothing black and white about this question, as the correct answer is entirely dependent on the person. In reality, you could never find a bad time to visit this beautiful town and surrounding area. But, based on an individual’s interests and preferences, there is likely a perfect time for THEM to visit Gatlinburg. This article should serve as a general guide in picking the least crowded time to visit Gatlinburg for you and your group.



September through October could enjoy the highest consensus as the best time to visit Gatlinburg. There are many reasons why this is so, but many would argue that the biggest factor is the most beautiful fall colors that you will see anywhere in the world. The mountains, hillsides, and valleys burst with the gorgeous colors of fall. It does not hurt that this is also the favorite time for outdoor enthusiasts, as the weather is perfect (80s during the day) and much of the crowds of late summer have dissipated. You will not find a more peaceful time or place to visit.



This is the perfect time to visit for so many people. The first and most relevant reason is the opening of the ski slopes. Here, you will find some of the best skiing and snowboarding conditions in the eastern United States at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort. It is also many people’s favorite time because there is no better place to celebrate the holidays. Gatlinburg looks like a winter wonderland straight out of a fairytale. Endless light displays, holiday celebrations, and abundant cheer make for one festive place for a vacation. Always a great time to visit Gatlinburg!



Like the fall, spring brings with it ample opportunities to get outside and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Except, instead of vibrant colors from the changing leaves, this time of year enjoys vibrant colors from the endless wildflowers bursting forth from their winter slumber. This is considered a down-season, so visitors can frequently enjoy lower rates, especially during the weekdays.



This is the time to come to Gatlinburg if you are looking to enjoy incredible energy and endless events and celebrations. The weather is wonderful for being outdoors, as Gatlinburg offers a nice break from the humidity of the east coast because of its elevation. This is far and away the most popular time to visit Gatlinburg. This Gatlinburg visitors guide is helpful for all! 

Perhaps you will find the perfect time of year to take your own Gatlinburg vacation, but you can be sure that every single season offers something valuable and unique. Each trip you take here will provide for lasting memories.

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