Back in the day, a vacation meant having to stuff just about everything you own into at least two suitcases per person; hotels didn’t offer more than the bare minimum of necessities and airlines didn’t charge for the extra bags, so hit was more a nuisance than a problem. Today, airlines are finding new ways to ding you in costs, so those extra bags are a thing of the past, but as vacation rental homes and condos have burst onto the scene, traveling light is made that much easier! These three tips offered only by your favorite vacation rental company, The Cabin Rental Store, will make Gatlinburg travel even easier to travel light during your unforgettable getaway!


Pack Multi-Use Items

Technology is a wonderful thing, allowing us to do more with fewer things! Our smart phones that are cameras, offer access to the internet (and our favorite social network sites), work as maps, music players, and oh yeah, allow us to make calls! This ingenious device eliminates the need to carry five different devices and takes up just about the same amount of space as a deck of cards! For those who like to read, eBooks are another amazing intervention; at last count our personal devices contained over 500 books, seven magazine subscriptions, and more than a few games to play in times of boredom!


Weather Could Be a Problem

But experienced travelers know how to get around the whole “packing for every possible weather occurrence” phenomenon! Layering is important, and if you wear one heavier coat that doubles as rain gear, it can be used as a pillow on the plane, eliminating the need of carrying a neck pillow! Pack tee shirts with short and long sleeves, wear your most comfortable walking shoes, and only bring about three pair of pants; the laundry rooms in our Cabin Rental Store properties allow you to wash your clothes, pack light, and still never have to wear the same pieces of clothing twice!


Pull Out Everything You Think You Will Need, Then Toss Half of It Away

We often think we need something for every occasion, every chance encounter, but there’s no need to pack for the apocalypse! A little pre-planning can help you avoid overstuffing your baggage and can also make you realize that, no, chances are there won’t be any need for six pairs of shoes in Gatlinburg!


Gatlinburg Travel – If You Do Forget Something Important

The Cabin Rental Store offers more than comfortable and fully equipped lodging; we can help you obtain the missing object! Reserve yours today and discover the difference a full service rental agency can make!