Whenever you visit somewhere new a little shopping will always be an enjoyable experience. One of the best ways to see a new place is by visiting locally owned businesses. Shopping local not only supports the local city but also helps you find unique gifts found nowhere else. The same can be said of Gatlinburg which has plenty of unique shops to peruse. Take a look at some Gatlinburg local businesses to check out.


Black Bear Crafts

If you are looking for arts and crafts look no further than Black Bear Crafts. This local business has been open for over 20 years in the area. They offer a variety of ceramic crafts with each item poured, cleaned, fired, and painted by hand one at a time. Black Bear Crafts also specializes in wood crafts and wreaths. If you visit during one of the holidays you will find Black Bear Crafts to be in the holiday spirit. They offer plenty of unique holiday crafts for any holiday on the calendar. Make sure to stop by their shop for some truly unique items!


Savannah Bee Company

One of the most unique gifts you can find in Gatlinburg can be found over at Savannah Bee Company. This business has been serving Gatlinburg since they first opened in 2017 making them a more recent addition. You will find the purest forms of honey in bottles along with honey-inspired health and beauty products. Savannah Bee Company also offers mead tasting with over 20 different varietals to choose from. If you are looking for some sweet gooey goodness head over to Savannah Bee Company.


The Next Chapter Bookshop

In need of a good book during your stay in Gatlinburg? Stop by The Next Chapter Bookshop, a local independent bookstore that has a diverse selection of children’s, young readers, and adult books. The bookstore itself is a welcoming and peaceful space where you can easily set up in a corner and spend hours reading your new book. Ask the staff what their new favorite book is too for a great recommendation!


Plenty of Shopping in Gatlinburg

Get ready for a whole new adventure when you vacation here in Gatlinburg. These and plenty of other Gatlinburg local businesses offer some unique goods to browse through. Book a vacation rental with us today to be close to your favorite shops.