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Hiking Journey To Gatlinburg

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This ancient Chinese proverb has been quoted and misquoted since its origins in the Tao Te Ching. Designed to make something big and daunting appear small and manageable, today it can be used in nearly every aspects of our lives and that includes your hiking journey to Gatlinburg! As you begin each day of your stay with a new hike on a new trail, don’t be intimidated, just remember this simple quotation from a very smart man!


Day 1: Stretch Your Legs in the Neighborhood

As airlines are cramming more seats into the same amount of space, leg room is becoming a distant memory when traveling by air and although you will probably be tired and slightly irritable upon your arrival in the Cabin Rental Store vacation escape you rented, it will do your cramped legs good to stretch them out with a walk around the neighborhood! And as you look at the beauty that surrounds you on this outdoors Gatlinburg activities, just think of this little stroll as a preview to the wonders that await you on this journey you’re taking today!


Day 2: Hiking in Gatlinburg on the Bullhead Trail

The parking lot is free on this glorious hike that starts at 453 Loop Road and leads you up Mount LeConte where you can see for miles. The sheer magnitude of the Smoky Mountains can’t be truly understood until you find yourself on this trail, in this spot, overlooking the world around you.


Day 3: Gatlinburg Trail

Traveling with children or pets can limit your hiking in Gatlinburg opportunities, but the Gatlinburg Trail shows you don’t have to miss out on the fun! The trailhead can be found at 916 River Road and last about 2 miles with very little increase in elevation. Paved for easy walking, a quaint wooden bridge takes you over a serene creek, offering a perfect photo opportunity for your Gatlinburg of a thousand steps.


Day 4: Alum Cave Trail

This 5-mile trail is best tried by more experienced hikers on their list of outdoors Gatlinburg activities as it features a change in elevation of 1100 feet and walks along a narrow ridge in some parts, but if you have the skills and the strength, the reward is worth it! Offering views of rocky cliffs and ancient trees, you camera won’t be able to capture all it’s perfection, but your memory of this hike on this perfect day will never fail!


Day 5: Porter’s Creek

When raising kids, we want them to fall in love with our interests and this child friendly trail found about six miles outside Gatlinburg is the perfect way to do so! Only a mile long, it leads you to what was once the thriving community of Porter’s Flat, though its residents have moved on or passed away many generations ago, your children will still be fascinated at the ruins left behind!


Day 6: Rainbow Falls Trail

In our humble opinions, the best trails lead to waterfalls and Rainbow Falls Trail is one of the best in the Appalachians! Lasting 2.7 miles and leading its followers to the mossy beauty of Rainbow Falls, it DOES have an elevation change of 1700 feet and is quite rocky, so not recommended for less experienced hikers or those who have physical limitations.


Day 7: A Quick Stroll

Your hiking journey to Gatlinburg ends in much the same way it began, with a quick stroll around the neighborhood of your Cabin Rental Store vacation home away from home. And as you are packing, take a minute to reflect on the wonders of this journey, including the luxurious amenities and comfortable furnishings you discovered in your much-loved vacation accommodations. This week has been better than you dreamed it could be and we are thankful to have you as our guests. And remember, it’s never too soon to start planning next year’s journey. Reserve your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape today!

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