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Gatlinburg Food and More: Epicurean Journey To Gatlinburg

This next journey is going to be one you will be dreaming about for a long time after. Delicious, tasty, and undeniably the best thought-out one, your epicurean journey to Gatlinburg is impossible to resist! Our Tennessee Town is famous for a lot of things, but its biggest accomplishment (in our eyes!) is the fabulous food that you will find at every stop along the way! With many serving food created from recipes that have been passed down to generation after generation after generation; the only thing this journey requires is a willingness to try new Gatlinburg Food and some very comfy pants!


Day 1: Pizza for the Soul

Generally, we would start out with breakfast restaurants, but your first day is more than likely filled with travel and tension, so your first evening in one of our Cabin Rental Stores escapes will be one filled with peace and pizza! Ski Mountain Pizza, 631 Ski Mountain Road, is our favorite, offering New York Style Pizza in a ski chalet type building! Carry out your favorite pie or have it delivered if you’re in delivery range and start your first evening in Gatlinburg out with a smile!


Day 2: Now for that Breakfast

If a hearty breakfast is your thing, a visit to Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is in order for your first full day in Gatlinburg! It’s not hard to find; located at 1103 Parkway, the huge cast iron skillets advertising their wares can be seen from miles away! If you’re looking for Tennessee Food, you can’t go wrong with their Crockett’s Mountain Omelet stacked high with all the meats, veggies, and cheeses you can handle!


Day 3: Logically, The Next Step in your Journey Should be Towards Lunch!

And that is where we are heading too! Timber’s Log Cabin Restaurant, 600 Glades Road #10, is a slightly more rustic version of the cabin you have already rented, but the best part is getting to eat food someone other than you has prepared! Also serving breakfast, this spot is famous for their burgers, sandwiches, homemade soups and their hot dogs are pretty wonderful too!


Day 4: Ring the Dinner Bell

After a day full of sightseeing and exploring, a hearty dinner is exactly what your stomach needs, and in our way of thinking, Peddler Steakhouse will suit just right! Located at 820 River Road, the Peddler allows you to pick the cut of meat you want grilled, and if your family doesn’t all enjoy the taste of steak, it offers chicken and trout as well; it can get pretty crowded during the season, so they offer a call ahead service, 865-436-5794, to get your name on the seating list with minimal wait when possible!


Day 5: Keeping it Light

Sometimes we get caught up in the food and find ourselves overindulging, much to the dismay of our sensitive stomachs! If you’re having one of those days, or you have vegetarian leanings, our Whole Earth Grocery and Café, located at 446 East Parkway #4 offers the opportunity to lighten up; if only for a meal or two! Stock up on supplies for the cabin while you’re there and enjoy a lentil burger wrap before you head out again.


Day 6: An Evening to Remember

There should be at least meal during every vacation that stands out above the rest. It is a meal in which you are wined and dined in quiet and elegant surroundings and treated like the important guests that you are and while Gatlinburg is more known for being a laidback country town, Crystelle Creek Restaurant is the exception to the rule! Located at 1654 East Parkway and offering stellar views of the stream that runs behind it, Crystelle Creek is both elegant and classy; and offers delicious food of all types, ensuring there’s a special dish just for you!


Day 7: Does it REALLY Have to End?

As much as we personally hate to see you go, every vacation has an ending and today that ending comes to you! As you look around your comfortable and stylish Cabin Rental Store luxury escape, though, take a moment to remember the good times and good food you had during your once in a lifetime Tennessee vacation! Our homes are designed to be lived in and we are so happy you chose us; if you’re still in the planning stages, reserve yours today and prepare to be wowed!

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