There are few places in the United States that celebrate the 4th of July better than here in Gatlinburg, where we make sure that our celebration is not only the first but also the most memorable! Here’s how you can have an unforgettable Gatlinburg 4th of July!


The Very First Independence Day Parade in the Nation!

There are few towns in all of America that take more pride in their country than Gatlinburg, and on the Gatlingburg 4th of July every single year, we make sure to show it! How? By being the first town in the country to celebrate of course! For over 40 years Gatlinburg has kicked off the 4th of July for the rest of America by hosting the very first Independence Day Parade, literally, at 12:01 AM! The parade route runs from the traffic light at #1A on East Parkway and through downtown, and the parade proudly honors our nation’s veterans and the freedom they’ve provided us with their sacrifice. This is a small-town American parade with big heart, and something you need to make sure to experience to make your day complete!


Cap off the Night with the Gatlinburg 4th of July  Fireworks Finale

We make sure that the Gatlingburg 4th of July not only starts with a bang, but also ends with a bigger one! This year the town of Gatlinburg will be hosting their annual Gatlinburg Fireworks Finale, which is by far the best fireworks extravaganza you’ll find in all of Tennessee! With the Great Smoky Mountains serving as the perfect backdrop, at 10 PM the skies above Gatlinburg will ignite with a fireworks show that is simply breathtaking. You’ll want to make sure to claim your spot to get the best views early, and the best viewing areas are around traffic lights #3 and #5.

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