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Top 5 Natural Tourist Attractions in Gatlinburg TN

There is plenty to enjoy about Gatlinburg, from the exciting bars to the thought-provoking galleries and museums. But the main attraction has always been and always will be the incredible natural beauty of the area. This precious resource is what has made Gatlinburg one of the most visited towns in the country. While there is an endless amount of natural tourist attractions in Gatlinburg TN, the following are some that you should make a point of visiting during your next trip to Gatlinburg.


Natural Tourist Attractions in Gatlinburg TN – Mount LeConte and Alum Cave

There are numerous trails that lead to the summit of the third tallest mountain in the Smoky Mountains, and each offers a variety of incredible views of the surrounding area. The trails will take you right past notable attractions like Arch Rock and the Alum Cave Bluffs. These bluffs tower over 100 feet above the trail. Not only are they beautiful, but they act as a historic landmark, as they were important to the mining industry of the early settlements of the Smoky Mountains.


The Sinks

This is the most popular section of the Little River Gorge Road. The area is characterized by endless waterfalls and cascades which are strikingly beautiful. It makes for a great place to sit and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. But it is also a great place for swimming because of the pools resulting from the many waterfalls.


Andrew’s Bald

A bald is a field that is found at very high elevation. It offers an interesting contrast between the grasslands of which it consists and the towering mountains and valleys around. Andrew’s Bald is a bald in the Great Smoky Mountains with the highest elevation, so it offers an amazing place to relax, as well as enjoy unique views of this wonderful area.


The Chimney Tops Trail

It is difficult to pick one trail to recommend as a must-see Gatlinburg Tennessee attraction, simply because there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of amazing trails throughout the area. But this one is definitely unique to any other in the world. It takes you past the famous chimney rock formations, which protrude aggressively from the slopes of the mountain, making for a unique sight.


Roaring Fork Motor Trail

This is a unique trail because it takes you through beautiful wilderness featuring interspersed historic homestead. While these historic structures are not natural, it is worth seeing how peoples’ homes and lifestyles blended seamlessly with their surroundings.

If you want to see wonderful natural Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions, you simply need to walk outside in Gatlinburg. While this list features some of the most incredible sights the area has to offer, you can find value and beauty in every acre of this area and the Great Smoky Mountains.


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