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Top 5 Gatlinburg Local Restaurants

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is home to a wonderfully vibrant community. Many people who call this beautiful town home have been doing so for their whole life, along with their parents and their parents’ parents. As such, there are a few good restaurants in Gatlinburg that are sacred to the local community. If you are taking a trip to Gatlinburg, you need to take a step off the beaten path to check out some of these Gatlinburg local restaurants.


Gatlinburg Local Restaurants – The Pancake Pantry

It almost seems like every local to the area has pancakes by obligation every morning. The town certainly takes flapjacks seriously, and there is no place better than The Pancake Pantry, as the name would suggest. For decades, this establishment has been making the most delicious breakfast in the Smoky Mountains. As with any amazing restaurant, The Pancake Pantry is not the best kept secret anymore, but it is definitely a must-visit!


The Donut Friar

We will have to apply some flexibility to the term ‘restaurant’ to fit this one in the list, but it is definitely a place you should know about. The Donut Friar is engrained into the culture of this town, as it has been since opening in 1969. Not much else to say here, except the donuts are some of the best you will ever find.


Three Jimmy’s

If you take a stroll off of the beaten path in Gatlinburg, you are likely to run into this classic. You can find delicious food celebrating the cuisine of the area with a whole lot of barbecue. Not only do they provide wonderful meals, but Three Jimmy’s offers live music, making it a great place to stick around for a drink or two once you fill up on southern Appalachian favorites!


The Peddler Steakhouse

You will find an amazing homey vibe at The Peddler, as it was constructed from a couple local cottages. This rustic feel from the design is contrasted wonderfully by a truly fine dining experience. You will want to try a delicious cut of steak while you are here. Whether you go with the filet mignon, prime rib, sirloin, or anything in between, you cannot go wrong!


Smoky Mountain Brewery

It would be fair to question this spot as a locals-only selection, since there are a couple of Smoky Mountain Breweries around Tennessee. But the fact of the matter is that the locals love this place. What is not to love? There is great food for the right price, and it tends to serve as a nice side item for the amazing selection of beers here. Come for the food, stay for the beer.

There are so many good restaurants in Gatlinburg that are unique to the Great Smoky Mountain culture that visitors fall in love with dining in Gatlinburg. It is simply about good people and great food. You are sure to get more than just a great meal from these community staples.


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