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Rafting in the Smokies

When setting up your vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you will want to participate in a thrilling activity that will make your trip one to remember. Turn to some of the best thrill-seekers around by trusting Rafting in the Smokies to show you all the incredible fun to be had! Rafting in the Smokies has been around since 1978 and knows where to find all the adventures you have been waiting for.


Rafting the Way It was Meant to Be

Get started on your rafting journey by setting up your guided trip with Rafting with the Smokies. Their certified and trained guides are the “REAL DEAL” and will show you the Big Pigeon River for a thrilling whitewater rafting trip. Each highly experienced guide will ensure your safety, so beginners have nothing to fear.


More than Just Rafting

While the name Rafting in the Smokies might imply they only guide whitewater rafting excursions, they actually do so much more! During your visit you will get to experience 6 ziplines and 2 skybridges ranging from 60-80 feet off the ground. The six different ziplines and two skybridges give a total of 2,400 feet of fun. After your zipline ride, take on the challenging yet exciting Ropes Challenge Course built high up into the treetops. Activities you will find on the rope course include balance beams, climbing nets, rope bridges, and more. Any activity can be combined with a rafting journey, including the rock climbing wall, a four-sided rock climbing wall with various difficulty levels. Safety gear is provided for all of these exciting activities, so you will feel safe while having the time of your life!


Book Your Package Today

There is no better way to explore The Pigeon River than pairing your whitewater rafting trip with any of the thrilling activities offered by Rafting in the Smokies. You can schedule a trip on the Upper Pigeon or Lower Pigeon by calling 800-776-7238. They will take care of you, answering any questions you have and getting you on your way to a once in a lifetime adventure! Prices differ per activity, so make sure to call in advance and let them know which activities you are interested in and save with a deluxe package! Visit them online at raftinginthesmokies.com

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