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Gatlinburg Fine Dining Restaurants

Immersed in the peaceful mountain atmosphere of the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg fine dining culinary scene is full of fantastic and scenic locations, as well as high-end restaurants in Gatlinburg Tennessee that deliver on the quality they promise.

From freshly-caught trout to decadent cuts of steak, the upscale cuisine of Gatlinburg restaurants will leave you more than satisfied during your stay. Perfect for a night out on the town or a special occasion, these restaurants are an ideal choice for you and your guests during your stay!


Restaurants in Gatlinburg – Greenbrier Restaurant

Housed within a quaint historic log cabin built by one of Gatlinburg’s oldest families, Greenbrier Restaurant has the innate charm of a Southern eatery. Enjoy American dishes with French, Cajun, and Italian twists, as well as fanciful cuts of steak.


The Peddler

An upscale steakhouse, The Peddler offers a selection of delectable seafood, hearty steaks, and flavorful chicken. There is also an all-you-can-eat salad bar, an extensive dessert list, and inexpensive yet high-quality options for the children’s menu.


Smoky Mountain Trout House

Smoky Mountain Trout House is situated on the outskirts of Gatlinburg. Offering inventive preparations of local Smoky Mountain Trout and other specialty fish, as well as heart Southern classics like hush puppies and Cajun dishes, Smoky Mountain Trout House is the ultimate spot Gatlinburg fine-dining restaurant for seafood cuisine.


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Gatlinburg is the perfect vacation destination for those that are looking for a peaceful getaway in a beautiful place. Of course, no destination would be complete without a variety of places serving up delicious food. You can find just about every type of restaurant in this oasis in the Smoky Mountains. If you are looking for something particularly luxurious, you are in luck. There are a few Gatlinburg restaurants in the area that are offering fine dining like no one else can.


Gatlinburg Restaurants – Cherokee Grill

The charming exterior of brick and stone leads to a luxurious interior highlighted with granite and walnut. The menu features countless cuisines, but at its heart, The Cherokee Grill is a steakhouse. You cannot go wrong with the Prosperity Steak. It is a relatively simple dish: a 10-ounce sirloin with olive oil, garlic, and pepper that is masterfully prepared.

Cherokee Grill is one of the most renowned upscale restaurants in Gatlinburg. With a rich menu ranging from classic Tennessee-style barbeque to mouthwatering steaks and seafood, this place is ideal for those who want a wide range of options for their upscale dining. Those with dietary restrictions will be happy to know that this restaurant does provide gluten-free menu options.


Crystelle Creek Restaurant & Grill

This luxury restaurants in Gatlinburg TN is perfect for the family or for a romantic dinner for two. This could be the best place to get that world famous Smoky Mountain trout, along with many other delicious Southern Appalachian cuisines. You should be sure to ask for the daily specials, as they are rotating and always unique. The energy in the building is topped off by performances from immensely talented musicians.

Known for its exquisite view of the mountains from its massive windows and panoramic outdoor dining areas, Crystelle Creek provides an elevated and scenic dining experience to accompany its flavorful offerings. Sample on freshly-caught trout and piccata, tender ribs and steak, a variety of burgers, and Cajun dishes like catfish and blackened chicken.


The Park Grill

You won’t want to skip The Park Grill, as it’s one of the most luxury restaurants in Gatlinburg TN! The Park Grill offers an upscale experience that you could only find in the Great Smoky Mountains. It is modeled after a charming log cabin lodge. Flickering light illuminates the massive wooden beams of which the building is comprised. The importance and the effect of the ambiance here cannot be overstated. Of course, the perfect ambiance does not mean much without great food to go with it; it is a restaurant after all. Well, you can be sure the food never disappoints, with a wide variety of entrees and the most expansive dessert menu in Gatlinburg.


The Melting Pot

Unlike many other spots in Gatlinburg, this establishment is not specific to the mountain town, but it still offers an incredible experience with luxurious appointments and delicious food. This is a unique place because all the food is fondue based. A four-course meal here consists of a salad to start, then cheese fondue with plenty of fruit, breads, and more for dipping, then various meats and vegetables that you cook in an oil or broth medium, and finally, the chocolate. The Melting Pot always offers a decadent experience.


The Peddler Steakhouse

This charming steakhouse offers seating overlooking the river that flows right next to it. This is the perfect setting to enjoy very unique cut steaks that you cannot find anywhere else. They even bring the cuts of meat to the table before you make a decision on which you would like. You are always sure to have a delicious meal at The Peddler.

There are endless options for eating in Gatlinburg, but among the best restaurants in Gatlinburg TN are the luxurious options that you have. These are just a few of the wonderful places that you can get an exceptional meal for that special occasion. Try them all to find the perfect one for you, but first, make sure to browse through our collection of amazing cabin rentals!



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