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Top 5 Pigeon Forge Wildlife Watching Spots

If you are planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, you probably already know the area is gorgeous and has a great deal of beautiful flora and fauna. You will definitely see some black bears when you come to town. The Cabin Rental Store will take care of finding you the perfect rental to stay in while you are here. If you want to see a variety of Pigeon Forge wildlife, there are a few places where you will see some great views.


Goats on a Roof

Wears Valley Road in Pigeon Forge

Goats on a Roof is a gift shop and goat viewing venue located in an old barn. Goats love to climb, and it is not unusual for them to hang out on a roof. When you arrive, you can get a can of goat chow and head up to the top of the roof where you can feed one of the many goats who live there. Once you are done feeding these adorable animals, you will be able to buy local goodies to take back to your cabin in the gift shop. They are famous for their fudge and ice cream. They also have a goat coaster where you can weave through the wilderness on a coaster whose speed you control with a lever.


Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Roaring Fork is one of the fastest-flowing rivers in the park. Bears like to fish here, and you will see many woodland creatures. You can drive down this 5.5-mile road and enjoy the serenity of nature and the beauty of several old-growth forests along the way. You will see some very well-preserved buildings as you travel along. You will notice many of the beautiful wildflowers that the Smokies are famous for. When you enter the forest, you will see a small hiking trail that will take you around an old-fashioned Homestead Farm, where you will see a handcrafted wooden flume plumbing system.


A Walk in the Woods Hiking and Backpacking

When you take a hike with these wonderful guides, you will see many of the fascinating creatures that live in this spectacular national park. They can take you on everything from a short, guided walk to a half- or full-day hike. If you are traveling in a group, they should be able to accommodate you so long as you give them advanced notice. They even have a shuttle that can come pick you up.


Cascade Coves

Cascade Coves is also a good place in which to see wildlife in Pigeon Forge TN. The majority of the Smokies is covered with trees, so you will have to be very patient if you want to see anything more than bears and a few squirrels. The Coves are located in a valley, so there are not that many places for animals to hide. You may see a groundhog popping its little head out from behind a tree. Their greyish color enables them to camouflage themselves really well. It is an 11-mile drive-through trail that is very easy to navigate. You will see many deer here. You will also get pretty close to some bears, but so long as they are over 150 feet away from you, you should be just fine. If you want to see the most wildlife, you should visit in the early morning or late afternoon.


Your Very Own Deck

The best way to see Pigeon Forge wildlife is to sit still in the woods and wait for them to come along. This is hard to do on any hiking trail because the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area is a very popular place. However, The Cabin Rental Store can find you a beautiful home in the mountains where you and your family will be able to enjoy some privacy and where you can see the fabulous animals of the region and their natural habitat.

You will see baby bears playing in the woods and you will see many different kinds of birds, including wild turkeys and wood ducks. You can view many rabbits there and you may even see an Appalachian cottontail. There are 27 species of rodents in the area. You will see white-tailed mice, as well as beavers, raccoons, and skunks. They are all fascinating and adorable. However, you should keep your distance, as they are wild animals, and some of them bite. There are many species of owls in the woods and you will be able to hear them hooting in the night.


Connect with Nature in Pigeon Forge

People come from all over the world to visit and see the wildlife in Pigeon Forge TN. Our cabins go very fast, so give us a call today to book your stay!


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