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Brian Hoffman’s Remembering Red – A Tribute to Red Skelton

Like everyone else, nothing makes us happier than a laugh that comes unprompted and straight from the gut; throwing our heads back and guffawing loudly without care is a sign that all is right in the world. And, if you’re like us, spending an entire night laughing out loud is one of our favorite ways to spend an evening and so we are constantly seeking that next superstar comedian. And yes, while many of today’s superstars do an amazing job at tickling our funny bones, no one compares to the OGs of yesteryear: Soupy Sales, Don Rickles, and of course, the venerable Red Skelton, king of slapstick comedy! And because the olden days were the golden days of comedy, Brian Hoffman’s Remembering Red tribute to Red Skelton is one of the Pigeon Forge, TN shows you should move to the top of your vacation bucket list!


The Rocky Top Theater, 167 East Wears Valley Road, Suite #17 in Pigeon Forge

In a world where many comedians think the easiest way to incite laughter is through vulgarity and expletives, it’s refreshing to be able to laugh at the absurd without having to cover the younger generations’ ears. Brian Hoffman offers such a show. Mimicking not just Red’s mannerisms and comedy, he looks, sounds, and as strange as this sounds, FEELS like the real Red Skelton!

Offering VIP Preferred Seating & Autographed Photo tickets for $37.00 per person, the prices descend from there; $32.00 for general admission adults, $19 for VIP Children (13-17), and $14.00 for general admission children tickets. Children under 12 benefit from free admission! Bringing laughter with his slapstick hijinks and rubbery facial expressions, Brian’s performance never fails to bring a smile to the grumpiest people; Skelton himself found his greatest joys in life were making people happy and much like Hoffman, he traveled the world a bit before settling down to his favorite medium, the television business. The golden age of television was a magical one and although Red Skelton has been gone for many years, his legacy lives on with this exquisite tribute show.


The Laughs Keep Coming at Pigeon Forge, TN Shows

No one will judge you if you find yourself breaking into new laughter over the cereal you are eating at the breakfast table of your Cabin Rental Store escape the next morning. Just as Brian Hoffman’s Remembering Red Skelton show in Pigeon Forge will keep you in stitches for years to come, our cabins are designed to be the place where families come together to make magical memories that never fade. Reserve yours today and enjoy the many Pigeon Forge, TN shows!

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