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The Eat Food Tour

Some of our best vacation memories involve food we have eaten at our destination place: tacos in Tucson, crepes in Paris, taffy in Massachusetts, and that entire dinner you ate at “that one place that one time!” You may not remember the vacation spot, but you sure remember how each bite tasted better than the last and how you wanted that meal to last forever! Good vacations and good food often seem to go hand in hand, and when you visit Gatlinburg, the good food goes hand in hand with a good deed! The Eat Food Tour allows you to sample the best of Gatlinburg while feeding a child who has nothing. You buy a ticket, we feed a child; it’s that simple!


Starting at The Winery Square, 911 Cherry Street

This taste tour of Gatlinburg lasts about two hours, and you will be driven to some of the best restaurants in town. Featuring cheese plates, gumbo, lobster ravioli, and a selection of red and white wines that will make your taste buds smile, the Eat Food Tour allows you to try a little of everything while you make plans to go back for an entire meal later in your vacation. We’ve often said that the best way to feel comfortable in the town you’re visiting is to take a tour; experiencing different attractions (or in this case, different foods) allows you to discover what you like and want to explore more of, or what you don’t like and can pass by. We have a feeling, though, that there won’t be any dislikes on this epicurean tour. Every bite tastes better than the last, and you’ll be sad when the tour ends. Sad, but happily full!


A Teacher and Hero

The owner, Gabrielle, who was born and raised in the area, witnessed the results of abject poverty when she was a little girl going to school here, and then later, working as a teacher in the school system. She is a foody and a humanitarian and has channeled her passion for food into a career that helps the very people who struggle the most. When children can’t eat, they can’t learn, and they lose what might be their only way to end the circle of poverty. You buy a ticket and a hungry child is given a meal; it’s a win-win situation!


Other Things to Know

The restaurants and food sampling is ever changing, and as the tour grows and expands, they hope to add more tours and specialty tours that cater to certain taste and interest. For example a meat lovers tour, dessert tour, southern food tour, ethnic food tour, a pub crawl and brew tour. The schedule currently is to take tours on Wednesday’s and Saturdays at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Guest will need to bring their drivers license in order to be served wine or alcohol. Also, there is a minimum limit of 4 per reservation to justify a tour. If there are less than four, the tour will be cancelled or rescheduled with full refund offered. They are also looking to cater to conferences and groups that visit the area. This includes arranging a private larger tour or certain restaurant if booked far enough in advance.

Don’t forget to ask about a discount to large groups of 20 or more!


A Taste of the Town

What’s the best way to end the best meal of your life? By resting in comfort and style in one of our cozy cabins. Put on your comfy pants, pour yourself and your spouse another glass of wine, start a fire, and start the discussion about which taste was the one you would most like to repeat! Reserve your cabin today—it completes the experience!



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