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Cinco de Mayo in Gatlinburg

Everyone loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo; it’s time for tacos and tequila! But while tasty tacos and tequila are big part of the celebrations here in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo in Gatlinburg is really a celebration of Mexican culture, and of standing up to overwhelming odds.


First, a Little History and Culture

In the 1862 Battle of Puebla, an extremely outnumbered and outgunned Mexican force of about 2,000 took on a well-equipped French force of 6,000. And won! Gather everyone around to watch a documentary on the battle or of Mexican culture in general, as you munch on tacos. Or, take a tour of a Mexican art museum online. The National Museum of Mexican Art, Palace of Fine Arts, Cancun Maya Museum, and Frida Kahlo’s home are just several of the Mexican museums you can tour online.


Work Up an Appetite First

Take a brisk hike in the morning to work up an appetite for all the Mexican food and drink to come. Head to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Grotto Falls Trail, Chimney Top, Alum Cave Bluff Trail to Peregrine Peak, Laurel Falls Trail, and Rainbow Falls Trail. Or hike to a cemetery, Mingus Mill and Elkmont Ghost Town and immerse yourself in a bit of history. All of them are great to visit during the holidays in Gatlinburg.

Or take your exercise as you stride across the longest pedestrian bridge in the country, the SkyBridge. And you can shop as you stroll along the 8-miles of the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community with over 100 local painters, sculptors, glass blowers, weavers, silversmiths and more.


Tacos, Tequila and More

You could drag your entire group out to a local bar to celebrate, or your group could just stay in the comfort of your spacious vacation rental and party their own way. Take an early hike, then head back to your rental for tacos, tequila and more.

Luckily, our Gatlinburg rentals are large enough to handle all your family and friends as you gather together. Set up a few tasting tables with delicious treats for everyone to enjoy, then join the fun. Most of our vacation homes have large dining rooms, and a few have tables that can fit up to 20 or so guests, so you’ll have plenty of room for everyone.

For the tequila table, try Dano’s (Dangerous Tequila) Blanco, (produced by one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in Mexico), or an oldie but goodie, Jose Cuervo Especial Gold. Use some of that tequila for mojitos, margaritas and palomas tasting tables too. You can pick up some house made margarita mix from a local restaurant and palomas, which may be the most popular Mexican cocktail, are easy to make – tequila, grapefruit and lime juice, a little sugar and some club soda, and a salty rim, all to taste.

You’re going to need something to snack on while you’re tasting all that tequila, so buy plenty of chips for your fresh guacamole or salsa, and for the loaded nachos! Fix everything in your fully equipped gourmet kitchen, spread the fixings for tacos, fajitas or quesadillas out on the spacious kitchen counters and the dining table and let everyone pile their plates high with their own creations. Or, order take-out from a local Mexican restaurant (try El Sonador, No Way Jose’s Cantina or Loco Burro Fresh Mex Cantina) and take things outside and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo in Gatlinburg meal with the Smoky Mountains as a beautiful backdrop.


Celebrate in Your Luxurious Vacation Rental

After all that tequila, it’s time for karaoke or a dance off. There’s plenty of space in your vacation rental for both! Stream a few videos on traditional Mexican dances like the Bachata, Cha-Cha and the Jarabe Tapatío (also known as the Mexican Hat Dance) and after a few tries, everyone will be dancing the night away. And, large patios and outdoor spaces at your rental can handle the overflow as the party moves out under the stars.

If you’ve brought the kids, set up a crafting table and let them make Mexican flags, paper sombreros, piñatas and colorful banners to decorate. And set them up with their own drink tasting tables with varieties of Jarritos to enjoy as they craft and munch away. With flavors like passion fruit, guava, and watermelon, this fruit-flavored Mexican soda is as flavorful as it colorful.


Cinco de Mayo in Gatlinburg

Just because you’re in Gatlinburg doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Cinco de Mayo. We’ve got tequila, tacos and more here for you to enjoy. After a long day of hiking and Mexican cuisine, it’s time to relax with churros and hot chocolate (or maybe just one more tequila shot) outside on the patio. Relax in the hot tub, or just gather everyone around the fire pit under the stars. It’s been a great day here in Gatlinburg. Want help in finding the perfect vacation rental for your Cinco de Mayo? Give us a call today!

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