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Top Things to Do in Gatlinburg for Your Girl’s Getaway

This one’s for the ladies out there. Women are social creatures and they bond deeply with the ones who have stood by them in good times and bad. When it’s time to celebrate the best times with a getaway to Gatlinburg, we have provided this guide that will help the girls go wild or go mild; it all depends on which direction this getaway of top things to do in Gatlinburg is taking!


Day 1: What Happens in Gatlinburg

You and your crew are not going to be able to keep any secrets when you see how much fun you can have in our favorite Appalachian town! Your first day will mostly involve travel, but after you have chosen your rooms, scrolled through the television guide, and hugged everyone more than once, why not head over to Wine a Little and Tapas, located at 734 Powdermill Road, and catch up on all the news you’ve missed while apart.


Day 2: Get out and Move

After all the traveling on the first day, today is a day to get out and stretch those cramped muscles! Gatlinburg is gorgeous, no matter what time of year you visit, so why not put on your hiking shoes and hit the trails? The Rainbow Falls Trail is one of our favorites and can be found off the Historic Nature Trail Drive, right after it becomes a one-way street at mile 3.4. Lasting 2.7 miles and leading to the beautiful Rainbow Falls, in warmer weather it’s the perfect place for a picnic; pack some sandwiches and fall in love with the backcountry of Gatlinburg for the first of many times during your stay!


Day 3: Pamper Aching Muscles

As you wake up on your third day in our country paradise, you are probably realizing it’s been awhile since you’ve exercised that strenuously, so today’s adventures are going to include a trip to a day spa for pampering and spoiling! Blue Mountain Mist Spa, 1811 Pullen Road in nearby Sevierville is famous statewide for its posh spa services; get a massage, a skin treatment, manicure, or pedicure and walk away happy and renewed!


Day 4: Retail Therapy; it’s Good for the Soul

Even the littlest of girls understand the merits to a little retail therapy and you are all grown-up with credit cards that make you very happy, especially when you see all the shopping delights available to you in Gatlinburg! Starting with the Arts & Crafts Loop where you can find handmade treasures sure to make you swoon and ending with the shops and boutiques located in Reagan Terrace Mall, 726 Parkway, your journey with the girls has just grown a little bit sweeter!


Day 5: Girl’s are Gonna Have Fun!

The night time is the right time to get out there and let your hair down with these top things to do in Gatlinburg. The adventures on day five require your dancing shoes and your cutest party dress. Dancing is just a part of the excitement that can be expected at Hogg’s Upstairs Tavern, 745 Parkway #10 and because we also recommended Hogg’s for the guy’s getaway group, maybe some of the single gals can make new friends!


Day 6: Try Something New With These Gatlinburg Tennessee Things to Do

Today you’re going to give the 12-year-old girl still hidden away inside you a special treat. You and your girl group are heading to Sugarland Stables, located near the Gatlinburg Entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to spend a few hours exploring the Smokies by horseback! Offering a variety of tours for riders of every experience level and designed to fit into every vacation budget, this experience promises to be the highlight of your Gatlinburg getaway!


Day 7: There’s Still a Little Time Left

Today is the day you say farewell to these wild and wonderful women who have come to mean so much to you, but there’s still time for a girl’s toast and pledge to continuing adventures! Your Cabin Rental Store has served your needs well this week, offering comfort and style and an attention to detail not often found in vacation properties; why not offer a salute to the cabin and a toast to your crew? Reserve yours today and maybe next time, you’ll add an extra day of Gatlinburg tennessee things to do to ensure you have time for a Girl’s Night IN!

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