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The Rossini Festival (April 15th)

We’ll admit it: We haven’t always appreciated the finer points of a good operatic performance. Most often the lyrics are in a different language, making it difficult to be understood, and while the notes the stars can reach are quite impressive and the costumes are often opulent and lush, a night at the opera had never really attracted us that much—until the Rossini Festival International Street Fair made it’s first appearance 17 years ago in April, that is! When the Knoxville Opera brought their performances off the stage and onto the streets, added food, drink, arts, and a street mall similar to those you find in Europe, we stood up and took notice. Suddenly, the appeal became quite clear! When you visit nearby downtown Knoxville on April 15th, we think you too will begin to understand its draw. Admission at this Knoxville Event is free, and this worthy event is well worth the visit!


The Colorful and Dramatic Rossini Festival

Dressed in the costumes that are an integral part of every performance, the list of performers grows longer each day. The Rossini Festival attracts the best of today’s superstars and the talents of tomorrow’s stars as well. Four stages will be on display at all times, each one depicting a different aspect of an operatic performances. The Opera Stage will have the cast of Aida performing, the Choral Stage presents choirs of all statures—including many of our local school choirs and the acclaimed Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus—and the South and West Instrumental Stages will feature performances from some of the best bands and orchestras in the state. Interspersed between the music and drama, there will be food stalls, beer and wine tents, and a varied selection of vendor stalls all selling the best of their wares. Art work, jewelry, stained glass, henna tattoos, clothing, candles: the only limit to your shopping endeavors will be the ones imposed by your finances at these Knoxville Festival!


That’s a LOT of Walking

And tired feet will rest comfortably in one of our Cabin Rental Store cabins with a view. Slip off your shoes, sink into our comfy couches, and prop your feet up as you gaze out windows designed to bring the outside in. A sea of green will calm you as you contemplate the events of your day “at the opera,” and after the frenetic activity in Knoxville, peace, quiet, and tranquility will be what you are seeking. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what The Cabin Rental Store offers! Reserve your stay today!

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