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Knoxville’s EarthFest (April 28th)

The longer we follow our path on Earth, the more we realize just how precious its resources are and wish that we could do more to protect it. This is where Knoxville’s EarthFest comes into play. Not to be confused with the internationally celebrated holiday Earth Day, Knoxville EarthFest takes place Saturday, April 28th and is our way of showing how special this big blue and green globe we live on is to us. Free admission for this Knoxville events makes it a budget friendly and worthy event for our guests to attend. Held at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens from 10AM until 5PM, EarthFest is dedicated to being a waste-free event, so if you bring something to the show, be sure to bring it out when the event is concluded.


Our Children are the Key at Knoxville EarthFest

We’re not going to be around forever, so its our responsibility to show our children the best ways to meet their responsibilities to the world, and EarthFest can be the first step! Featuring an education expedition with stamps and prizes, an arts and crafts area where all projects will be made with recycled products, and games that are fun and educational, there will be plenty to do at EarthFest. Entertainment provided at this Knoxville events by local musicians reduces noise pollution, as no sound systems will be provided and the natural sound and tone of the music we all love will shine. Food vendors will provide food that is locally sourced, include vegetarian options, and that abides by the no trash rule—and the must taste delicious rule as well! Serving everything from bananas and meatballs to sliders and gyros, the food found at EarthFest will be everything you could want and more!


Doing Our Part

Offering gas fireplaces instead of wood, real dishes, glass ware, and silverware instead of plastic, and located close to all the most popular tourist locations which allows our guests to limit their carbon footprint by driving less distances, The Cabin Rental Store does its part to show how much we care about the ecosystem AND our guests. The views from the back porches of our luxury cabins spread out for miles, featuring acres of green trees, blue skies, and flowers in many colors. Those views have remained unchanged for centuries, and we work hard to ensure they will continue to remain unchanged for many more centuries! Reserve your cabin today and discover the adventures you can have while still managing to show respect for our Earth!

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