After living a lifetime in one of the most perfect spots on Earth, we still learn new and amazing things about Gatlinburg nearly every day. In a city that is ever changing, even longtime residents take advantage of the tours that are offered, and we think you should, too! There’s no better way to get to know the city you’re visiting than riding along with experienced guides who can tell you the secrets that lie behind the beauty of the area. And because we care about our guests, we at the Cabin Rental Store have compiled this list of the most popular tours in Gatlinburg TN to allow you the opportunity to know our city better!


Slonina Photography Great Smoky Mountains Fall Photo Tour

Fall is such an incredibly beautiful time of year, and if you’re visiting during that time, you are going to want to take some pictures—ok, you’re going to want to take A LOT of pictures! Slonina Photography offers one of the best tours in Gatlinburg TN for photography aficionados. The tour that is also an instructional guide on how to take the best pictures, ensuring that all your vacations from here on out will be well documented!


Tennessee Mountain Tours

Offering a variety of local tours, the Roundabout Gatlinburg is the most comprehensive and popular tour of the town. Lasting about two hours, this tour gives you the history of our city while allowing you to visit the hot spots of today—and it includes snacks!


Scenic Helicopter Tours, 1965 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

For stunning helicopter tours in Gatlinburg TN, choose Scenic Helicopter tours. Surprisingly affordable, their tours offer a unique perspective to the beauty of the area. The shortest tours are 12 miles long, while the longest run for 100 miles, with prices rising accordingly.


A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes the best way to get to know a place is to just get out there and walk, and A Walk in the Woods allows you to do just that! Offering guided walking tours of the Smoky Mountains, you will come away from your tour with a new appreciation of the wonders of the area!


Smokey Mountain Outdoors, 453 Brookside Village Way

During the warm season, your tours can become the adventures you’ve always dreamed of having when you take a kayak tour of Gatlinburg along the Pigeon River. It’s man versus nature (with an experienced guide, of course) as you paddle along the waters, learning new skills as you gaze around you in wonder. There is no prettier place on Earth than Gatlinburg in the summer.


After a Day Filled with Tours in Gatlinburg TN…

Recharge your batteries after a day of tours in Gatlinburg TN and rest in a comfortable and chic cabin rental.