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Top 5 Local Gatlinburg Coffee Shops

Ah, sweet, sweet coffee. How could we make it through each day without you? In a world of disappointments, coffee is the one constant, and when you are on vacation, you don’t want to take a chance on having to do without. Fortunately, we understand the appeal of that hot, dark, and strong drink, and we also don’t want to be responsible for the headache that may appear when you aren’t able to imbibe. It’s for you, the lovers of all thing java, that we offer this list of the top five local Gatlinburg coffee shops. We’re regulars at these spots, so we can guarantee that they offer what you need!


Coffee and Company, 634 Parkway # 13

Roasted in-house using only the best beans from all over the world, this charming Gatlinburg coffee shop also has a strong online presence, so if you feel the need for that almond amaretto you tried while in Gatlinburg, just head to their website and order some! Comparable to your favorite chain brand coffee in price, but far superior in taste, this is one shop you’ll probably want to visit a few times during your stay.


Burg Coffees, 716 Parkway

Sleek, modern, and colorful, Burg Coffees has been a local favorite since their opening, and because they also offer smoothies and sweet, delicious pastries, this has been a family favorite of ours as well! This Tennessee coffee is made just the way you like it and the high tables are perfect places to sit and watch the world go by as you drink your cuppa joe!


The Village Café & Creamery, 634 Parkway

Do you like ice cream? We’ve already determined that you’re a coffee lover, so we KNOW you’re going to love the Village Café & Creamery, but if you love ice cream as well, you may just have found your own personal nirvana! Serving that perfect blend of strong and dark along with the icy treat that makes everything taste better, this shop has a seat reserved just for you!


Espresso Yourself, 3331 Old Mill Street, Pigeon Forge

Our sister city, Pigeon Forge, is home to another local favorite: Espresso Yourself. They specialize in the richest and strongest members of the coffee family, the one drink that has never let down college students pulling all-nighters! Located inside a craftsman dream, the woodwork inside and out never fails to awe the wannabe carpenters inside us, and this Tennessee coffee is maybe the best in the country!


Log Cabin Pancake House, 327 Historic Nature Trail

Sometimes you just want a good cup of coffee and a great breakfast. No frills, no cappuccino foams and egg white frittata’s, just a cup of joe and a pancake with your eggs. Log Cabin Pancake House is where you go in Gatlinburg for a simple, delicious meal. Try the peanut butter chip pancakes and you’ll never want pancakes made any other way again!


Brew Tennessee Coffee Yourself in the Cozy Kitchen of Your Cabin Rental Store Vacation Escape

Our cabins are about sleeping late in cloud soft beds and rising to a good cup of coffee you enjoy on the porch while watching the world go by, and since many of the shops we listed sell their own beans, you can have your favorite without getting out of your pajamas! Reserve your cabin escape today!

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