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Top 5 Indoor Gatlinburg Activities

The wonderful thing about living in a state that experiences all the seasons is being able to enjoy the changing scenery. From winter’s cold and stark beauty to spring’s offering of new growth, summer’s lush blooms, and the siren’s call of fall, when the air turns crisp and the trees don their brightest plumage, all the seasons in Gatlinburg offer treasures from which we cannot turn away. The problem with living in a state that experiences all the seasons is sometimes, you’re just going to want to stay inside. You don’t want to fight the rain, the snow, or the sultry humidity that signals the long summer is here, and because we get it, we’re offering up this list of the top five indoor Gatlinburg activities to keep you entertained during your Tennessee vacation!


A Night at the Theater is Always a Good Idea

Offering everything from Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede (she was raised around here, you know!) to the Soul of Motown, our theater extravaganzas showcase the talents of some of the most talented performers in the nation! It is one of the Tennessee sights to see!


Sample Some Hooch

Back in the day, bootleggers made their fortunes hiding out from the revenuers, and those homemade stills produced some of the strongest tasting “hooch” in the nation. Today, the stuff is legal, but the moonshine from Smith Creek Moonshine at 1645 Parkway #1090 Sevierville still packs a delicious punch. And because they offer tours and tastings, you can stay warm, dry, and inside on the coldest or rainiest of days!


The Alcatraz East Crime Museum, 2757 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Museums don’t have to be all about high brow art and expensive collections of ancient artifacts, and the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is proof! Take a tour of the American Justice System from the early days when hanging was how we took care of criminals and explore artifacts used in crime, including the white Bronco from the world’s slowest car chase with OJ Simpson!


Star Cars of Gatlinburg, 914 Parkway

Yes, we are suggesting another museum as indoor Gatlinburg activities, but if you were interested in the Bronco from Alcatraz East Crime Museum, you’re going to LOVE this museum, which features vehicles belonging to some of Hollywood’s most famous stars! In addition, you can also see the most famous movie and tv cars, including the Batmobile and the General Lee!


Stay Home and Play

Some of your best vacation memories can come from moments spent in your Cabin Store Rentals luxury cabin. Playing video games, watching a romantic movie on the large flat screen television in the living room, or simply lying in bed with a good book and Tennessee views of the Smoky Mountains standing guard over your temporary home away from home are just a few of the memories you will remember for years to come. Reserve your real estate paradise today; it doesn’t get much better than this!

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