Top 5 Tours in Gatlinburg, TN

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If you know anything about Gatlinburg, Tennessee, then you know it is a place with a lot to see and do. While heading out your front door and simply exploring is a great way to spend a day and see beautiful things, there are incredible advantages to taking one of Gatlinburg’s famous tours. Here are a couple tours in Gatlinburg, TN that will immerse you in experiences in the Smoky Mountains.

Great Smoky Mountains Waterfall Adventure

This tour essentially consists of a three-hour walk in the woods. This moderate hike takes you along multiple magnificent waterfalls through a classic Appalachian Mountain trail. There are constant opportunities to see some spectacular nature, along with opportunities to go swimming. You will also have a naturalist guide at your disposal so you can learn things about the area that you would not otherwise.

Moonshine and Wine Tasting

This certainly should be considered a tour of sorts. For four hours, your knowledgeable guide will ferry you around to many of the area’s most loved wine and moonshine distilleries. Through the process you will learn of the processes of making these drinks, along with the history of those processes. In a place like Tennessee, these industries are ingrained into a town’s history. This tour is a great way to get a sense of that, and try some delicious and unique beverages.

Smoky Mountain Trees of Many Colors Tour

If you have ever experienced a lush forest in the fall, then you know that it is an awe-inspiring sight. This is especially true in the Great Smoky Mountains, where the falls are as colorful and beautiful as they are anywhere. This five-hour tour is the best way to get a sense of that, and experience the best of autumn beauty. Your guide will take you on a five-hour exploration of this beauty involving sections of hiking as well as driving.

Upper Pigeon Smoky Mountain River Rafting

This is not your traditional tour, but it offers the best perspective from which to experience the beauty of this area. Float down the Upper Pigeon River for a two-hour journey. You will find sections of calm waters, where you can look around and be immersed in the beauty. But you can also encounter stretches of white water rapids for some adrenaline boosting fun. This one is certainly more than just a tour.

Roundabout Gatlinburg Bus Tour

This is a great tour for those that are exceptionally charmed by the town of Gatlinburg itself. Take a leisurely ride throughout this sleepy town and get to know it better than ever before. You will learn about the history, culture, and some of the local’s favorite spots.

It is true you do not need a tour to have an amazing time in Gatlinburg. It is simply a fun way to expand your appreciation and enjoyment for this astounding place. Any of these tours are sure to provide you and your family with lasting memories! Enjoy Gatlinburg tourism and more on your trip to the Smoky Mountains!