Being home for Thanksgiving is always a great time. But breaking from tradition and spending the holiday elsewhere can provide for some of the most memorable Thanksgiving festivities. If you are looking to do just that, then Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the place to do it. Not only is it a fun and beautiful place to take a vacation, it offers amazing opportunities, specifically during the Thanksgiving season. What follows is a short description of some of the reasons why you should choose a Gatlinburg Thanksgiving celebration in this amazing town in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Fun Events for Everyone

Regardless of when you visit, you can expect to find unique events that reflect the vibrant spirit of Gatlinburg. But this is especially true when Thanksgiving season rolls around. One of these must-attend events is the Great Smoky Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Show. You are sure to have never experienced anything quite like this, as it is unique to Gatlinburg as well as the holiday. This year from November 21st through the 26th, you can admire some of the most talented and respected artisans from around the Smoky Mountains. Not only can you enjoy endless works of art, but you can take them home with you.


Smoky Mountain Style Thanksgiving Dinner

If you do not know what “Smoky Mountain style” means when it comes to Thanksgiving, you are in for a real treat. The main aspects of a Gatlinburg Thanksgiving meal are the great portions and the quality and local ingredients. For one of the best takes on the classic Thanksgiving feast, visit The Old Mill. You can also enjoy amazing feasts at the Applewood Farmhouse and the Seasons of Ober Restaurant. In town, you will also find the best way to start Thanksgiving Day imaginable with a visit to Atrium Pancakes. Here, you will simply find the best pancakes you have ever had.


Endless Smoky Mountain Fun

While it is not specific to Thanksgiving, this time of year still gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of the things that have entranced visitors for decades. This starts with the incomparable beauty that surrounds Gatlinburg. But it extends to trolley tours of the charming town, amazing hikes through America’s most famous national Park, and so much more!


Stick Around after Your Gatlinburg Thanksgiving Celebration

While this list aims to inform you of the exciting things happening during a Gatlinburg Thanksgiving celebration, it does not nearly do justice to the opportunities that a Smoky Mountain Thanksgiving provides. In order to get a feel for the full scope of the amazing time that is to be had in Gatlinburg, you need to take the trip and fall in love yourself. With a Thanksgiving trip here, you are sure to make it a new holiday tradition, guaranteed! Book your stay in one of our cozy and charming rental cabins today!