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You can find types of cuisine from all over the world in the small mountain town of Gatlinburg. Not only are they all present, but they are all unique and delicious. For example, the universally loved cuisine of Italy is well represented by a few establishments, most notably by Taste of Italy. This charming restaurant brings great food and drinks together within a friendly environment. It is sure to be one of your favorite restaurants that you visit during your time in Gatlinburg. Learn about the taste of Italy in Gatlinburg below:

Amazing Italian Cuisine

There are a few basic principles that allow this restaurant to provide the best Italian cuisine in Gatlinburg. It starts as it always should, with the freshest of ingredients. Nothing but 100% whole milk goes into the mozzarella, while meats and vegetables are locally sourced whenever possible. Everything is made from scratch daily, from the dough to the sauces. This attention to quality is utilized along with classic Italian cooking styles to bring new Italian recipes to life that are completely unique to this restaurant in Gatlinburg. Each dish is truly one of a kind at Taste of Italy. You will no doubt notice the subtle new flavors and vibrancy of gourmet pizza, classic pastas, thick calzones, traditional entrees of Italy, seafood, decadent desserts, and so much more. There is plenty for the meat lover out there along with vegetarian, and there are even a few options for those requiring gluten-free meals. You will decide which spot is the best Italian Gatlinburg restaurant!

Best Italian In Gatlinburg

If the atmosphere is not pleasant, then even the most amazing meals will fall flat for guests who do not feel comfortable. This will not be the case at Taste of Italy, as they believe the only way to serve Italian food like this is in a welcoming and upbeat environment. As such, you can be sure the wait staff will be attentive to your every need providing a smile at every phase. You can also count on a charming ambiance brought on by the calming lighting and the Italian décor. A phenomenal wine list never hurt the mood in a room either. Find out about the taste of Italy in Gatlinburg
It is some mixture of the qualities explored above that make this one of the most pleasant dining experiences you will have during your trip. It is something that incredible food alone cannot provide. You are sure to get a feel for these intangible qualities during your visit. You can find a Taste of Italy in Gatlinburg at 1235 East Parkway in the heart of Gatlinburg. Enjoy!