Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg

Rainy Day Activities in Gatlinburg

As much as we wish we could, we just cannot control the weather. If it happens to rain during your next vacation getaway to Gatlinburg, fret not, as the area has plenty of fun activities and attractions that can be done indoors. Hide out from the rain with these exciting activities in Gatlinburg

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Aquarium 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is known for exciting and bizarre events featured in its shows and attractions. Ripley’s Aquarium is located in Gatlinburg, offering residents and locals a fun and unique attraction found nowhere else. This location features many exciting exhibits such as giant fish tanks, sharks, and even penguins. Throughout the year, Ripley’s Aquarium also features exciting events such as the Junior Aquarist Camp and the Sips & Sharks, a 21+ year old sleepover where you stay overnight at the aquarium for drinks and sharks. Many of these events sell out quickly throughout the year, so buy your tickets early! 

Hit the Ole Smoky Moonshine 

If you are traveling with a group of adults, you can easily spend your day tasting moonshine at local distillery Ole Smoky Moonshine. This local distillery featured the only legal moonshine back when it opened in 2010. Now Old Smoky Moonshine distributes all across the country. Try out a sample of one of their dozen or so of different moonshine varieties. The tasting room often features live music to keep you entertained as you sample the apple pie moonshine or the famous 100-proof. Don’t forget to schedule a rideshare in advance before you visit! 

Hollywood Star Cars of Gatlinburg 

Over the years, celebrities have shown off their beautiful and exotic motor vehicles before eventually selling them. At Hollywood Star Cars of Gatlinburg, a huge variety of celebrity vehicles have ended up in the museum. This local attraction features popular vehicles such as the Batmobile from the movie Batman Returns, General Lee from the movie The Dukes of Hazard, and even Herbie from The Love Bug. Come see all of these vehicles in person and even take a photo as you sit in the driver’s seat! 

Book Your Stay in Gatlinburg 

As you can see, there is still plenty of fun to be had when it rains here in Gatlinburg. Reserve one of our vacation rental cabins in the area for a stay like no other. Book today before your favorite rental is already reserved! 

Top Tours in Gatlinburg

Top Tours to Experience in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg and the surrounding Smoky Mountains feature nearly endless experiences to enjoy. Finding everything can be difficult on your own, so join a thrilling tour experience in the area! Many local tour agencies provide all kinds of tours to show you around the area. Here are some of our top tours in Gatlinburg:

Pink Adventure Tours

If you want to see the Smoky Mountains like never before, make sure you book a tour with Pink Adventure Tours. This local tour agency will take you out into the mountains on their eye-catching pink Jeeps. You will be taken on an off-road adventure onto private land so you can have all the fun without worrying about running into nearby hikers. The drivers will show you around specific areas with multiple trip options. Tours can be booked individually, or you can schedule your own private tour. You will have plenty of options with Pink Adventure Tours!

Smoky Mountain Adventure Tours

If you are looking to get a little more off trail than with a full-size Jeep, you can book an exhilarating 4×4 tour with Smoky Mountain Adventure Tours. You will be taken out into the Smoky Mountains on exciting UTV vehicles which offer a little bit more zoom on the twists and turns. Guided tours are approximately two hours in length and are just long enough to enjoy a thrill ride. Up to four riders can book at a time, and you can even drive the UTV yourself!

Tennessee Mountain Tours

Once you have had all the fun out on the trails, it may be time to sit back and relax with your favorite adult beverage. The Smoky Mountains has multiple local distilleries and wineries that produce local wines and spirits. You can book a tasting tour with Tennessee Mountain Tours where you can have a driver take you to three separate locations. Forget about driving responsibilities and try out all of the tasty beverages for which the area is known!

More Summer Adventures Await

Book Your Gatlinburg Getaway Today

Seeing the sights around Gatlinburg is always better when you have someone to show you the way. Our vacation rentals and cabins will keep you comfortable in between each outing around Gatlinburg. Reserve your rental today!

Romantic Activities for Valentines 2020 in Gatlinburg

Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on a person, as you search for the perfect gift for your special Valentine. Never wanting to buy something too small, too large, too dull, or simply not romantic enough, this holiday can make or break even the strongest relationships. But if you’re looking for something that is always just right, a romantic getaway to Gatlinburg is ALWAYS the right gift, and this guide to the most romantic activities our mountain town has to offer will ensure your love’s eyes will sparkle like the stars in the night sky—which, conveniently, are visible from the back porch of one of our dreamy cabins!

A Toast to Her Beauty

This lovely woman you wake up next to each day of your life gets more beautiful every day, and what better way is there to toast her winsomeness than with a silky glass of wine? The Rocky Top Wine Trail offers five different wineries in which to make that toast and exploring them all will earn you a souvenir wine glass! Start with the Hillside Winery, then visit the Apple Barn Winery, the Apple Barn Cider House, Mountain Valley Winery, and finish off with your favorite red at the Mill Bridge Winery. With 70 wines to sample, your sweetheart will definitely know she is loved!

The View from Above on Your Getaway to Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit, and the view is even more romantic from above, making a helicopter tour from Scenic Helicopter Tours in Pigeon Forge the perfect choice! Featuring a variety of tours, including the humorous Upsy Downsy that allows you to get a taste of a helicopter flight without committing to something that may freak you out, these flights offer views that are almost as beautiful as your valentine!

Sweets for Your Sweet

Chocolates are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but a visit to the Chocolate Monkey chocolate store takes adds some extra sprinkles to the gift! Located at 702 Parkway and offering sweet treats such as chocolate covered cheesecake and caramel apples, your romance will get a boost when you share a few chocolate-covered strawberries!

An Affair of the Heart

The romance doesn’t have to end with the last sip of wine or last nibble of chocolate; your affair of the heart can continue with quiet moments in our Cabin Rental Store holiday escapes. Breakfast in bed, secrets shared by a roaring fire in the fireplace, and sunsets viewed with a glass of wine on the back patio are just a few examples of romantic moments you can expect in our cabins on your getaway to Gatlinburg. Reserve yours today!

Early 2020 Events to Enjoy in Gatlinburg

The early part of the year can be a bit slow compared to the end of the previous year. The holidays are over, the weather is gray and cold, and most people have nothing to look forward to until it’s time for their annual summer vacation. But you are not like most people. You recognize the opportunity that comes with the earliest part of the new year, and you’ve come up with a plan to combat the blues. You, treasured guest, have chosen this early part of the new decade to visit Gatlinburg, knowing that you can count on us at The Cabin Rental Store to offer up some fun events to keep you entertained. And you were right! Following this guide to early 2020 events in Gatlinburg guarantees that you will be starting off the new year in the very best of ways!

Gatlinburg Winter Magic Trolley Ride of Lights, January 18th

Even if Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that all the magic has left the mountains. The colorful lights look so pretty against the snow and mountain backdrop; we leave them up a little longer than you would expect, and you can see them all when you climb aboard our specially designed trolleys! Say one last hurrah for Christmas and enjoy the beauty without having to fight the crowds.

Winter Heritage Festival, January 24th and 25th

Winter in Gatlinburg is a special time for us, and we love to celebrate it with this special festival held at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center. For two days every year, you can learn all about the history of our unique hometown with presentations given by local historians. Discover the stories behind the scenes of Myer’s Cemetery, learn about the Cherokee presence in the area and how misguided settlers chased them away, and enjoy the sounds of two of our own singing the songs of the area. A cast iron lunch costing only $10 is offered on Saturday, allowing guests to enjoy a taste of the town; beans, greens, cornbread, cobbler, and a drink is what’s being served.

Rose Glen Festival, February 22nd

The Sevierville Convention Center, located at 202 Gist Creeks Road in Sevierville, plays host to an event we in Gatlinburg anxiously await each year. The pinch of Christmas shopping beyond our budgets has been forgotten and the joy of finding treasures both old and new gets our hearts beating faster! Antique stores, flea markets and local galleries come together to feature their best products in this exciting festival; guests who have visited before know to pack light and take advantage of the laundry rooms in our beautiful cabins, leaving plenty of room in their suitcases for the treasures found at the Rose Glen Festival!

Winter Wonderland and Events in Gatlinburg

The charming beauty of our luxurious cabins shines even brighter against the snowy landscape that is Gatlinburg in the winter. Reserve your stay with us today and enjoy these events in Gatlinburg!

gatlinburg activities

3 Unusual Gatlinburg Activities & Attractions to Enjoy

Not all vacations are created equal, and your Gatlinburg getaway is proof! Offering the quiet, the exciting, and the unusual, every moment of your stay will be better than the one before it. And because we want our guests to have the time of their lives, our guide to not one, not two, but THREE unusual Gatlinburg activities and attractions in our favorite Tennessee town will ensure that this vacation is one you will never forget, and the words “I’m bored” will never be heard!

The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum

Salt has gotten a bad reputation lately, and pepper is now the spice du jour, but once upon a time both spices were treated equally and given unique and unusual places in which to rest. The Salt & Pepper Shaker museum celebrates those golden days with its collection of over 20,000 sets gathered from all over the world! Featuring shakers of all forms—from apples to zebras—it’s a fun way to fill the extra minutes of your getaway. The attached store also lets you take replicas of your favorites home for your own table! Don’t miss one of the best Gatlinburg activities!

See the Synchronized Fireflies in the Smoky Mountains

Guests will have to wait until the second week in June to see this magical natural show (it’s never too soon to start planning next year’s summer escape!), but for two weeks the fireflies of the Smoky Mountains light up in perfect synchronicity for the enjoyment of all who watch. The scientific term for this performance is called coupled oscillation, but for us, when thousands of fireflies begin to blink on and off in perfect harmony, we just call it an amazing example of Mother Nature’s talents!

Llamas on the Trillium Gap Trail

A hike to the Grotto Falls is an awesome way to observe the wildlife in the area. From colorful birds to peaceful does and lovely llamas, all manage to find their way to the only waterfall in the Smokies that people can walk behind. Wait, did we just say LLAMAS? Of course we did, as they are used to bring supplies to the top of Mt. LeConte, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they like to hang in the area; just don’t get too close, as they are prone to spitting when they feel threatened! This is one of the best Gatlinburg activities!

Gatlinburg Activities Unique in Their Beauty

Although you wouldn’t call our Cabin Rental Store cabins unusual, their unique beauty and charm make them the perfect addition to your Tennessee trip. Reserve yours today!