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Sometimes when traveling to a new place, you unexpectedly come across a special vista point that takes your breath away and makes you wonder how many spots like this you have missed before. Generally, we have a specific activity in mind during our travels: The Grand Canyon in Arizona, Disneyland in California, or the Empire State Building in New York. But who thinks about those special views that make you thankful you live in this world when trying to make sure you’ve packed for the weather or that you remembered to check in 24 hours in advance so as to get a decent seat on your flight? Why, we do, of course, and this guide the best spots for Gatlinburg sightseeing will be just the thing to ensure you don’t miss a thing during your Tennessee getaway!


Gatlinburg Sightseeing – Clingman’s Dome

The best place to start, in our mind, is at the top and Clingman’s Dome, located at the end of Clingman’s Dome Road and offering views that spread out over 100 miles on the clearest days, although air pollution can cut the visibility down to only 20 miles. Easy to get to, you take US441S to Newfound Gap Road to Clingman’s Dome Road, enjoy the seven-mile scenic drive to the large parking lot and then a short walk on the steep trail that leads you to the observation deck and those views!


Newfound Gap Road

You’re basically here already, so why not continue the tour of Gatlinburg sightseeing that will stop your heart—if only for a second! Discovered to be the lowest pass through the Great Smoky Mountains, cooler temperatures and views of the stunning landscape that surrounds you makes this area one of our favorite places to visit during the summer. In the fall, the landscape appears to be on fire when the trees are at their colorful best. Located just a tenth of a mile past Clingman’s Dome Road, Newfound Gap Road may be closed due to snow during the months of December through March, so plan accordingly.


The Gatlinburg Space Needle, 115 Historic Nature Trail

Sometimes the best views are accompanied by fantastic restaurants, fun arcades, and cool places to shop—at least when you’re in Gatlinburg and you visit the Gatlinburg Space Needle! It’s very simple to get to, just take US-321 S (also known as East Parkway) to Historic Nature Trail. You’ll know you have arrived when you look up and see the Space Needle! Take the glass elevator to the top, enjoy the breathtaking views of Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains found 407 feet up in the air, and wish that you never had to leave this spot ever again.


Wait, There’s More

While we can’t guarantee that the Gatlinburg sightseeing views from your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape will be as spectacular as the ones from the points listed above, we can promise that in most cases, they will be stunning, peaceful, and relaxing. Reserve your vacation rental today!