Gatlinburg Activities

Gatlinburg Activities for a Solo Traveler

Life doesn’t always follow the neat and orderly timeline we have planned for ourselves: college graduation at 22; first real job soon after; meet, marry, and have kids by 30? If you’re lucky enough to enjoy all that in the order you deemed correct, we salute you, but most people’s timelines suffer a few glitches along the way, especially when it comes to meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right. There’s nothing wrong with flying solo, and when it’s time to plan a solo getaway to Gatlinburg, we have your back with this list of Gatlinburg activities geared to those traveling without a plus one!

Go for a Drive

For us, there is no more pleasant experience than going for a long drive with no specific destination in mind. Stopping at quirky little shops, grabbing a giant coke from the old timey gas station where you fill up your car, and when traveling along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail or the Cades Cove Loop Road in Gatlinburg, pulling over at especially scenic spots to take pictures of the beauty that surrounds you! Road trips don’t necessarily need companions, and the landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains is a breathtaking one you will need to see to believe, so get in that car and drive!

Take an Ill-Fated Cruise – Gatlinburg Activities

Ok, we’re not suggesting that you actually take a cruise in which sure danger looms; we are advising you to visit the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge! Featuring artifacts from the Titanic and offering the stories of the passengers that survived and those that didn’t, this fascinating museum honors the memories of that ill-fated trip in a variety of ways and your solo journey will be made all the better because of it!

Table for 1?

Of all traveling experiences, dining out can be the most intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be in Gatlinburg. We’re a friendly bunch, and chances are your waiter will chat your ears off as he takes your drink orders and tells you the specials, and once you get your first taste of the perfectly prepared ribeye offered by The Park Grill Gatlinburg, you’ll forget everything else! And when they bring your Peanut Butter Mud Pie, you’ll discover yet another perk to dining out alone—you don’t have to share your dessert with anybody!

Enjoy the Peace

Real life can be frantic and loud but coming home each evening to the peaceful surroundings of your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape will soothe the rough edges and bring peace to your fevered mind. Reserve yours today!

Gatlinburg Getaway

A Winter Gatlinburg Getaway

There’s something special about living in a place where all four seasons are spectacular, and when you visit Gatlinburg in the winter, you’ll start to get an understanding of what we mean! Traditionally considered a summer or fall getaway location, the stark and rugged beauty of a winter’s day in our mountain town will take your breath away, and as the tourist crowds lessen, the peaceful quiet of a winter’s day will find its way into your soul. This guide to your winter Gatlinburg getaway will ensure you experience the true beauty of winter and the wonder of Tennessee!

Warm and Cozy

It may be cold outside, but inside one of our Cabin Rental Store winter escapes, everything is warm and cozy! Cook a pot of chili in the fully equipped kitchens, sit by a roaring fire with a book and a throw in our stylishly comfortable living rooms, or sleep late curled up in warm blankets on soft beds in our peaceful bedrooms. If you chose a cabin with a hot tub, simmering in the bubbles as steam rises into the night sky will be your favorite winter experience—and it doesn’t cost a thing! Lodges with game rooms offering full-size arcade games, mansions with pools and all the luxuries you deserve, or cozy cabins with rustic furnishings and views of the Gatlinburg landscape are all available for your getaway; these vacation homes are all about the possibilities of making this Gatlinburg getaway the best ever!

So Much to Do on a Gatlinburg Getaway

As tempting as it may be to hibernate in the luxury of your Cabin Rental Store hideaway, chances are you will want to venture out to see what Gatlinburg has to offer in the winter—and there’s almost as much to do in the winter as in the busy summer months! Winter sports at Ober Gatlinburg will keep your blood flowing, but if you seek something a little tamer to keep the blood flowing, shopping in downtown Gatlinburg is a year-round luxury! Offering everything from outlet malls to upscale malls, it’s the specialty shops that will catch your eye and your interest. You’ll find pet boutiques selling gourmet treats (Bonediggery Barkery and Gifts), Christmas stores that are open year-round (Santa Claus-et), candy stores, whiskey distilleries, gift shops and honey stores; there’s just not enough space to mention them all!

Quiet Moments

When the outside world is too loud and too present, coming back to your Cabin Rental Store winter escape brings the quiet moments you live for—reserve yours today!

gatlinburg activities

3 Unusual Gatlinburg Activities & Attractions to Enjoy

Not all vacations are created equal, and your Gatlinburg getaway is proof! Offering the quiet, the exciting, and the unusual, every moment of your stay will be better than the one before it. And because we want our guests to have the time of their lives, our guide to not one, not two, but THREE unusual Gatlinburg activities and attractions in our favorite Tennessee town will ensure that this vacation is one you will never forget, and the words “I’m bored” will never be heard!

The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum

Salt has gotten a bad reputation lately, and pepper is now the spice du jour, but once upon a time both spices were treated equally and given unique and unusual places in which to rest. The Salt & Pepper Shaker museum celebrates those golden days with its collection of over 20,000 sets gathered from all over the world! Featuring shakers of all forms—from apples to zebras—it’s a fun way to fill the extra minutes of your getaway. The attached store also lets you take replicas of your favorites home for your own table! Don’t miss one of the best Gatlinburg activities!

See the Synchronized Fireflies in the Smoky Mountains

Guests will have to wait until the second week in June to see this magical natural show (it’s never too soon to start planning next year’s summer escape!), but for two weeks the fireflies of the Smoky Mountains light up in perfect synchronicity for the enjoyment of all who watch. The scientific term for this performance is called coupled oscillation, but for us, when thousands of fireflies begin to blink on and off in perfect harmony, we just call it an amazing example of Mother Nature’s talents!

Llamas on the Trillium Gap Trail

A hike to the Grotto Falls is an awesome way to observe the wildlife in the area. From colorful birds to peaceful does and lovely llamas, all manage to find their way to the only waterfall in the Smokies that people can walk behind. Wait, did we just say LLAMAS? Of course we did, as they are used to bring supplies to the top of Mt. LeConte, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they like to hang in the area; just don’t get too close, as they are prone to spitting when they feel threatened! This is one of the best Gatlinburg activities!

Gatlinburg Activities Unique in Their Beauty

Although you wouldn’t call our Cabin Rental Store cabins unusual, their unique beauty and charm make them the perfect addition to your Tennessee trip. Reserve yours today!

Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg

Your Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg Vacation

As summer draws to its close far too soon, there are still reasons to smile. From cooler weather to fall colors, this next season is definitely something to look forward to! For those who aren’t ready for summer to end, these Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg will help give you something to look forward to and a chance to say one last farewell to the carefree days of summer! Grab your swimsuits, sunscreen, and flip flops and prepare for the perfect ending to one of our favorite seasons—but don’t be sad! Fall in Gatlinburg has even more to get excited about.

Hit the Water Parks

This is officially the last weekend any of the local water parks are going to be open, so expect some crowds! Dollywood’s Splash Country at 2700 Dollywood Parks Boulevard in Pigeon Forge promises to be the most exciting place to give summer the last hurrah. Featuring lazy rivers and “death defying” plunges, falls, and slides, your summer getaway will not be complete without a visit to this beloved water park!

Pick Up Some Goodies at the Gatlinburg Farmers Market

There are so many things we love about the Gatlinburg Farmers Market, and the fact that it stays open through mid-October is just one of those reasons! Allowing visitors to stock up for their own Labor Day celebration, the farmers’ market is open from 8:30 AM until noon on Saturdays. Offering local produce, honey, baked goods, and other wonderful items that make terrific souvenirs of your Gatlinburg getaway, it’s our favorite way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning! This is an amazing attraction that you should experience during your Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg!

Plan Your Own Celebration for Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg

Your Cabin Rental Store summer escape can be as simple as you need or as elaborate as you desire, and if you’ve rented one of our cabins with a pool, your personal Labor Day Weekend in Gatlinburg celebration is guaranteed to be a memorable one! Pick up some adult refreshments at Ole Smokey Moonshine Holler (903 Parkway Ste 128), some delicious meats at any of the local grocery stores, and of course, some produce from the farmers’ market and your day of BBQ, swimming pools, and fun under the sun promises to be a huge success!

The Right Choice

Even though you may be sad that summer is over, the good times won’t stop when you choose The Cabin Rental Store for your vacation home away from home. Reserve your very own cabin today and give summer the send-off it deserves! Contact us now!

Ice Cream in Gatlinburg

Try Some Ice Cream in Gatlinburg to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer vacations are definitely the best part of the season. Getting out of our daily rut and having adventures in new places reminds us why we work so hard the rest of the year! We at The Cabin Rental Store want every minute of your stay with us be unforgettable and filled with all that’s perfect and fun, and because it can get a little warm on those long and joyful days, these things to do in Gatlinburg will ensure that your adventures will be chill ones, especially when you try some of the most delicious ice cream in Gatlinburg!

You Scream, We Scream, Who Wants Some Ice Cream in Gatlinburg?

For as long as there have been hot summer days, ice cream has been the one treat that universally cools our fevered brows, and Ben & Jerry’s, located at 638 Parkway, is one of our favorite summertime spots! Offering all your favorite frozen sweets (and a few new ones that may become your new favorites) your adventures in Gatlinburg will keep you smiling from the very first taste of your ice cream in Gatlinburg.

The Fun Will Go On

Visiting the Titanic Museum Attraction in nearby Pigeon Forge is the surest way to ensure the chilly fun will go on—especially when you get to the iceberg room! Making history interesting, this popular attraction features artifacts from the doomed Titanic, a cool gift shop, and a scale model of the tragic vessel. Also offering flashlight tours on selected days in June and July (call 800-381-7670 for reservations), this fascinating spot is guaranteed to make you think as it keeps you cool!

More Ice?

Ice skating in the summer is a treat you never tire of, and Ober Gatlinburg’s indoor ice skating rink, located at 1001 Parkway, will keep your entire cool family when the mercury begins to rise! Costing only $8 per person, this reasonably priced and potentially romantic activity will have you looking forward to the summer sun after a few hours of chilly exercise!

Pool Days in One of Our Cabin Rental Store Luxury Cabins

The best way to ward off a little extra warmth is by spending a day hanging out by the pool with some ice cream in Gatlinburg. Some of our best cabins have a pool to make it easy to do so! Swimming, sunbathing, or doing a cannonball into the deep end can be the highlight of your Gatlinburg escape, but only when you stay in one of our luxury cabins. Reserve yours today and discover the cool side of summer in Tennessee! Learn more about us!