Gatlinburg Winter Activities

Top Gatlinburg Winter Activities

Here in Tennessee, we look forward to the winter season each year. A variety of outdoor and indoor activities allow us to celebrate the holidays and this festive time of year. Take a look at what kind of Gatlinburg winter activities you can enjoy:

Hit the Slopes

Gatlinburg features a variety of fun and excitement when you hit the local ski trails in the area. Ober Gatlinburg is the local ski resort that features various slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Get your bearing down with an introductory lesson to help you navigate the starter slopes. Local gear shops feature some of the top gear you can acquire that will look stylish and help keep you warm. The Smoky Mountains is usually covered in snow every winter season so you can expect some of the best winter activities in the state!

Stay Warm at Ripley’s Aquarium

You can help stay warm for a few hours by visiting local attraction Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. This local aquarium features a variety of sea creatures from terrifying sharks to agile sting rays. The adorable penguins are always drawing a crowd and the glass bottom boat ride lets you see all of the fish swimming underneath you. Ripley’s Aquarium in the Smokies continues to remain open daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM with additional safety precautions to ensure social distancing. Don’t miss out on the all-ages attraction here in Gatlinburg.

Check Out the Gatlinburg Trail

It might be chilly out, but you will love an experience hiking the Gatlinburg Trail. This trail is not found in the Smoky Mountains but instead just outside of the downtown neighborhood here in Gatlinburg. Walk this casual trail that follows the river as you check out many of our historical buildings. For those looking for more adventurous trails you can head out to Bullhead Trail or Twin Creeks Trail Trailhead. Make sure to dress for the occasion but also don’t forget your camera as the views around these trails are second to none.

Winter Has Never Been Better Than in Gatlinburg

Come see how you can experience your own winter adventure when you choose Gatlinburg for your next winter getaway. Our vacation rentals will keep you close by these winter activities while having plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable. Let Gatlinburg host your winter festivities.

Gatlinburg Vacation

Plan a Fun Fall Gatlinburg Vacation

In spite of the troubles going on in the world right now, time has continued to speed on by, and as we look at the calendars, many of us are surprised to discover that fall is just a few short weeks away! Offering the opportunity to forget about summer heat and new virus, these next few months are all about soft sweaters and vibrantly colored trees, pumpkin spice lattes and harvest moons, and hearty foods enjoyed in weather that is cool and crisp. If fall is your favorite soon and you find yourself longing to visit somewhere that offers a perfect representation of the season, a Gatlinburg vacation and a stay in one of our Cabin Rental Store fall escapes may be exactly what you need!

Smells Like Fall

Unlike winter, spring, and summer, fall has a scent that instantly transports you to its season, even if it’s January and you are bundled in winter coats and woolen socks. The smell of the first fire in the chimneys waft over the town, and the scents of pumpkin spice drinks and desserts fill our nostrils, as do the aromas of apples in all their forms. Nelson Farms, TN, located in the Arts and Crafts Community at 170 Glades Road has captured those scents, in the form of soaps and lotions and makes them available for purchase so as to be enjoyed during every season of the year!And when you visit their brick and mortar location, there’s no need to feel sad that you’ve fallen in love with their wares, because you can purchase everything you need and want in there online stores 24/7/365!

Tickles the Taste Buds

Just as the smell of fall can transport you, the tastes of the season are equally pleasing and equally powerful. The kitchens of our Cabin Rental Store autumn abodes are designed to be used, so why not take a rainy afternoon during your stay and create one of your favorite pumpkin dishes? Pumpkin pies made from fresh pumpkins you’ve purchased from the local Krogers have never tasted as sweet! And when the pies are ready to taste, the weather may be a little chilly outside but you will be cozy and warm, with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a hot beverage in one hand, and a slice of orange goodness on the plate in front of you!

Fall Frolics During Your Gatlinburg Vacation

Photographing the brilliantly colored trees, hiking along the trails in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and watching your favorite Halloween classic cartoon; these are just a few of the fall adventures you can have when you choose Gatlinburg for your vacation getaway. Reserve your Gatlinburg vacation rental today!

Gatlinburg activities

Isolated Gatlinburg Activities

As travel restrictions are slowly lifting, many people feel that if they don’t get out of their houses and go somewhere new, they might end up going slightly crazy! We feel the same way, but the only thing giving us pause is knowing that we still need to do our part by maintaining social distancing. Fortunately, for those planning a trip to Gatlinburg in one of our Cabin Rental Store all-American rentals, this is not an issue you will have to worry about. We’ve created this guide to the more isolated Gatlinburg activities you can enjoy during your once in a lifetime Tennessee travels, allowing you to skip the crowds and still have fun!

The Beauty of the Tennessee Landscape

To be honest, you don’t even need to leave your back porch to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but a good hike in the woods is always worth the extra effort! Unfortunately, many trails can be crowded with leaf peepers and hikers, but there are still a few places that will make you feel as if you have the world to yourself. The Middle Prong Trail in nearby Tremont is once such hike, leading you to a series of waterfalls cascading over rocks and a large variety of photo opportunities that will definitely be worthy of framing.

Drop a Line in Peace and Quiet

Fishing is a sport that is best enjoyed alone, and there are many bodies of water in the Gatlinburg area in which you can drop your line and enjoy some peaceful moments. From the West Prong Little Pigeon River to Le Conte Creek, there are a plethora of secluded areas to hide away. If you have children, there are actually streams where they can easily fish, including a section of the Dudley Creek from the Highway 441 Bridge downstream to the West Prong Little Pigeon River. A trout farm in the city is restocked every Thursday making that day the only day you can’t fish inside the city limits and fishing licenses are required.

Rent One of Our Secluded Cabins and Enjoy Gatlinburg Activities

Not every property we own is in the middle of a neighborhood; some of our cabins are located in secluded spots where it will feel as if you are the only person in the world! Spending all your spare time in these warm and welcoming places will be the highlight of an already fantastic getaway, but only if you reserve yours today!

Gatlinburg retreat

How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Corporate Gatlinburg Retreat

During the hard times, we all learn where our strengths lie, but if you are a business owner, you probably already know that your strengths lie in the ones that come into work every day, facing uncertainty with smiling faces! Your employees are the secret to your success, and when it’s time to reward them, a Gatlinburg retreat and a stay in one of our luxurious corporate retreats is one way to ensure they will feel appreciated.

Sanitized and Stylish

The pandemic has changed the way we look at life, and while location, style, and entertainment options are important, your first obligation to your employees is providing them with a home that is sanitized and stylish. We go above and beyond the guidelines of safety and cleanliness, and when you and your employees walk in the door, they won’t have any reason to worry. All surfaces will be sparkling clean, sanitized, and disinfected, and in today’s world, there’s nothing else you should expect!

Comfortable is the New Stylish

Modern homes can be all harsh lines and minimalist bland, but we know that the secret to happy guests is comfort. We offer kitchens with plenty of space and dining areas that allow all guests to sit together enjoying a good meal, a fun game, or simply a quiet conversation over coffee. The living areas boast state-of-the-art televisions, plush furnishings, and views of the Tennessee landscape that never cease to take our breath away! Our bedrooms are designed to be quiet places to retreat from the noise of the world. Outside, depending on your choice of property, you may find hot tubs, fire pits, or in a few cases, a private pool, ensuring the fun continues every minute of every day of your exciting stay in Tennessee. Team building exercises will be that much more fun when conducted in front of a roaring fire and a large selection of your employees’ favorite beverages at hand!

They Deserve A Gatlinburg Retreat!

Your employees have done so much for you and this little getaway will be the perfect way to show them you really do recognize their contributions to your successful business. Reserve your Gatlinburg retreat with The Cabin Rental Store today!

Gatlinburg Water Activities

Gatlinburg Water Activities to Enjoy

As the mercury rises and the days grow longer, we’re all waiting with bated breath for the most magical time of the year, and no, it’s not Christmas! Summer is just a few short weeks away, and after being cooped up inside for weeks, everyone we know is ready to spread their wings and fly! If your recent downtime was used to plan the Gatlinburg vacation of a lifetime, we are excited to offer this guide to Gatlinburg water activities that will ensure that every minute of your Tennessee trip is filled with fun and excitement!

Dollywood Splash Country

There’s no better way to keep cool on a hot summer’s day than with a visit to a water park, and Dollywood Splash Country is one of our favorite places on earth. Offering water slides with “death defying” drops, lazy rivers, and wave pools that replicate the ebb and flow of the ocean, Splash Country is no ordinary day at the park! Visitors with younger children will appreciate The Cascades portion with its misters, bubblers, and tadpole sized slides that allow them to mimic the fun their older siblings are having while remaining perfectly safe.

Did You Pack Your Tackle?

If there were a list of the top 100 fishing spots in America, we’re sure that Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountain region would be pretty close to the top of that list! From ponds in parks to rivers that run through our country paradise, there’s plenty of water sources and nearly unlimited amounts of fish to be caught. If you forgot to pack your tackle, never fear; The Smoky Mountain Angler at 469 Brookside Village Way has everything you need to make sure your day on the river is absolutely perfect!

Rafting on the Pigeon River

Your children deserve to discover the thrill of whitewater rafting, but if you’re afraid for their safety, Pigeon River Rafting along the Lower Pigeon Gorge is offered by the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC). Perfect for kids 3 years and older and adults of all ages, the rapids are mild and the breaks at safe swimming areas will bring a smile to your child’s face you’ll never forget!

Never Far from H2O With These Gatlinburg Water Activities

There may be some days during your stay that you really don’t want to leave the comfort of your Cabin Rental Store escape but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water! Many of our cabins come with private pools and even more offer community pools for at home aqua adventures. Reserve yours today and discover the many Gatlinburg water activities waiting for you!