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Life doesn’t always follow the neat and orderly timeline we have planned for ourselves: college graduation at 22; first real job soon after; meet, marry, and have kids by 30? If you’re lucky enough to enjoy all that in the order you deemed correct, we salute you, but most people’s timelines suffer a few glitches along the way, especially when it comes to meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right. There’s nothing wrong with flying solo, and when it’s time to plan a solo getaway to Gatlinburg, we have your back with this list of Gatlinburg activities geared to those traveling without a plus one!


Go for a Drive

For us, there is no more pleasant experience than going for a long drive with no specific destination in mind. Stopping at quirky little shops, grabbing a giant coke from the old timey gas station where you fill up your car, and when traveling along the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail or the Cades Cove Loop Road in Gatlinburg, pulling over at especially scenic spots to take pictures of the beauty that surrounds you! Road trips don’t necessarily need companions, and the landscape of the Great Smoky Mountains is a breathtaking one you will need to see to believe, so get in that car and drive!


Take an Ill-Fated Cruise – Gatlinburg Activities

Ok, we’re not suggesting that you actually take a cruise in which sure danger looms; we are advising you to visit the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge! Featuring artifacts from the Titanic and offering the stories of the passengers that survived and those that didn’t, this fascinating museum honors the memories of that ill-fated trip in a variety of ways and your solo journey will be made all the better because of it!


Table for 1?

Of all traveling experiences, dining out can be the most intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be in Gatlinburg. We’re a friendly bunch, and chances are your waiter will chat your ears off as he takes your drink orders and tells you the specials, and once you get your first taste of the perfectly prepared ribeye offered by The Park Grill Gatlinburg, you’ll forget everything else! And when they bring your Peanut Butter Mud Pie, you’ll discover yet another perk to dining out alone—you don’t have to share your dessert with anybody!


Enjoy the Peace

Real life can be frantic and loud but coming home each evening to the peaceful surroundings of your Cabin Rental Store vacation escape will soothe the rough edges and bring peace to your fevered mind. Reserve yours today!