Does it ever seem as if your entire year is spent focused on your annual summer vacation? If you’re not planning the time, choosing the destination, and renting your vacation home away from home, you’re talking about it to all your friends, boarding the plane and taking the first steps into your summer journey away from home. Once the vacation is over, you find yourself looking at pictures, finding places to store the trinkets you purchased, and of course, telling your friends, family, and neighbors all about your adventures. Some trips may be better than others, such as your upcoming visit to Gatlinburg, but every vacation helps restore peace and order in the cluttered recesses of your soul. And as summer comes closer, this guide to the fun you can have in one of our Tennessee homes will ensure that this vacation is one you’ll remember happily for years to come!


Under the Sea

Gatlinburg may not be on the ocean, but if you and your family are interested in learning about life under the sea, Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies at 88 River Road offers the perfect opportunity to do so! Watch live dive shows, visit the Shark Lagoon, and walk under water without having to hold your breath! Thick glass walls separate you from the sharks and fishes as they swim around and above you—no getting wet necessary! Offering penguin shows and stingray bays, your day at the aquarium will be one you never forget.


Look to the Skies

Seattle isn’t the only place in the United States with a Space Needle; the Gatlinburg Space Needle offers unparalleled views of the Tennessee landscape that is made even more beautiful when fully in bloom during the summer! Standing over 400 feet tall and located at 115 Historic Nature Trail, the views of the Great Smoky Mountains from this height will take your breath away!


“Juice” for the Over 21 Crowd

An excellent glass of wine is one of life’s simpler pleasures, and the varieties offered at the Smoky Mountain Winery never fail to please! Featuring award-winning bottles of your favorite type of grape, the dry wines featured here are always a nice treat, especially in an area where the sweeter wines are generally preferred. The South loves their sweet teas, sweet treats, and of course, their sweet wines!


Summer Moments With Gatlinburg Activities

However you choose to spend your summer days with Gatlinburg activities, spending your summer nights in one of The Cabin Rental Store’s seasonal escapes will be the best decision you’ve made this year. Reserve yours today!