In spite of the troubles going on in the world right now, time has continued to speed on by, and as we look at the calendars, many of us are surprised to discover that fall is just a few short weeks away! Offering the opportunity to forget about summer heat and new virus, these next few months are all about soft sweaters and vibrantly colored trees, pumpkin spice lattes and harvest moons, and hearty foods enjoyed in weather that is cool and crisp. If fall is your favorite soon and you find yourself longing to visit somewhere that offers a perfect representation of the season, a Gatlinburg vacation and a stay in one of our Cabin Rental Store fall escapes may be exactly what you need!


Smells Like Fall

Unlike winter, spring, and summer, fall has a scent that instantly transports you to its season, even if it’s January and you are bundled in winter coats and woolen socks. The smell of the first fire in the chimneys waft over the town, and the scents of pumpkin spice drinks and desserts fill our nostrils, as do the aromas of apples in all their forms. Nelson Farms, TN, located in the Arts and Crafts Community at 170 Glades Road has captured those scents, in the form of soaps and lotions and makes them available for purchase so as to be enjoyed during every season of the year!And when you visit their brick and mortar location, there’s no need to feel sad that you’ve fallen in love with their wares, because you can purchase everything you need and want in there online stores 24/7/365!


Tickles the Taste Buds

Just as the smell of fall can transport you, the tastes of the season are equally pleasing and equally powerful. The kitchens of our Cabin Rental Store autumn abodes are designed to be used, so why not take a rainy afternoon during your stay and create one of your favorite pumpkin dishes? Pumpkin pies made from fresh pumpkins you’ve purchased from the local Krogers have never tasted as sweet! And when the pies are ready to taste, the weather may be a little chilly outside but you will be cozy and warm, with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a hot beverage in one hand, and a slice of orange goodness on the plate in front of you!


Fall Frolics During Your Gatlinburg Vacation

Photographing the brilliantly colored trees, hiking along the trails in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and watching your favorite Halloween classic cartoon; these are just a few of the fall adventures you can have when you choose Gatlinburg for your vacation getaway. Reserve your Gatlinburg vacation rental today!