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A Tribute to Conway Twitty By Travis James in Pigeon Forge

Today’s music will never have the appeal to us as that of the country music of our youth; although beautiful, it somehow lacks the haunting lyrics of those soulful singers of a bygone era; Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, and yes, Conway Twitty. Mr. Twitty taught us the importance of slow hands, the appeal of tight-fitting denim, and how he had already loved us in his mind; and Travis James’ cover of Conway’s songs will portray all that. Performed at The Main Event Theater, tickets for A Tribute to Conway Twitty by Travis James in Pigeon Forge start at $28.95 per person, a price that will fit into most vacation budgets; these shows in Pigeon Forge are held at 7:30 PM every night except Wednesdays and Sundays, giving you plenty of opportunities to fit this show into your busy vacation schedule.


Gone Too Soon

Conway Twitty passed too soon for Country fans, but his music lives on and Travis James brings it back to life with his renditions of Twitty’s best hits. Hearing that deep voice sing “Hello Darlin” will bring chills to your body; Travis James is the top Conway Twitty Tribute Artist in the nation and for an all too short couple of hours you will understand why. This family-friendly show (yes, even your 90-year-old grandma will enjoy it!) has been a fan favorite for years and the intimate theater Travis James performs in will give you the feeling that he is singing “I See The Want To In Your Eyes” just for you. And even though you may want to close your eyes and let the music fall over you like a comfortable old cloak, don’t; Travis James’ resemblance to Conway Twitty will keep the magic alive long after the last note has played. Although A Tribute to Conway Twitty by Travis James in Pigeon Forge lasts for two hours, you’re going to wish that it would go on forever; fortunately, you can buy a CD of all his songs and take it back to your Cabin Rental Store cabin and re-live this experience as many times as you want.


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