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Magic Beyond Belief in Pigeon Forge

We have always believed that the Great Smoky Mountains region is a magical place to live or visit; being able to wake up every morning and look out onto miles of green surrounded by the purple majesty of the mountains that guard our towns every day is a luxury not everyone gets to experience. Which only makes it right that the Magic Beyond Belief Pigeon Forge show makes its home right here in Pigeon Forge and Darren Romeo, the protégé of Siegfried and Roy, is the only magician we could ever imagine doing this show! Performing nearly every night at the Smoky Mountain Opry, 2046 Parkway, tickets cost $34.95 for adults and only $9.95 for children ages 3-11; the cost of this magic show in Pigeon Forge fits nicely into almost any vacation budget!


Magic, Music, and Mystery

When you’re the only one to have trained under the expert tutelage of Siegfried and Roy, you can expect animals to be a major component of this magic show in Pigeon Forge; and you would be right! What you may not expect, however, is having the opportunity to view the only live unicorn and real mermaids (that we know of) in the world! This award-winning magician doesn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops, giving the performance of a lifetime, night after night after night. The legacy of his mentors is apparent in the tigers that are an integral part of the show, and as he recognizes the importance of the history of magic, he is also known for performing stunts that until now, were only performed by the great magicians of yesteryear.

Famous for his flamboyant illusions and his rapport with animals great and small, Darren Romeo and his Magic Beyond Belief Pigeon Forge show never fails to shock, awe, and amaze; smoke, mirrors, and magic (and an entire menagerie of exotic animals) will make you believe as you haven’t since you were just a child. A Magic Shop on the premises will give you the opportunity to try your hand at a trick or two, and possibly, entice your own children into seeking out a career in magic themselves!


Experience a Different Kind of Magic

When the curtains fall and the stage is dark, the magic doesn’t have to end; it continues in a unique way in your Cabin Rental Store rustic and romantic cabin. City living has made most people forget the pure magic of sitting out under a sky filled with the lights of a million stars; but when you stay in one of our beautiful cabins, the magic is revealed to you once more. Reserve yours today; the only magical words you will need to know are“click here to make a reservation!”

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