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You may be thinking Gatlinburg, Tennessee is pretty far from Mexico. Well, this feeling is sure to slip away when you visit No Way Jose’s Mexican Cantina. Here you will find a one of a kind blend of the authentic flavors of Mexican Cuisine with some of the tastes that have been perfected in the Great Smoky Mountains. Places like Texas and Arizona get the reputation of having the best Mexican food in the country, but you will quickly debunk these theories after eating at No Way Jose Cantina in Gatlinburg.

A Delicious Restaurant

The menu is inventive and refreshing, but it all starts with procuring the best ingredients possible. As this is the first priority here, they are then free to prepare the best Mexican food in town. On the menu, you will find all of your favorites with a special focus on a variety of burritos, fajita dishes, tacos, and essentially, anything you could want. But Jose’s specialties are sure to provide for something unique and delicious for you to try. Jose’s Baja chicken and shrimp is a great example of this as it is tender grilled chicken breast smothered in pico de gallo and Baja shrimp. Add steamed vegetables, refried beans, and Mexican rice and you have quite the feast. There is something for everyone on this quality menu. You decide which spots are the best restaurants in Gatlinburg!

Best Restaurants In Gatlinburg

No Way Jose’s prides themselves on providing the most delicious Mexican cuisine in Gatlinburg, but they strive to do much more than that for their customers. Regardless of the particular server you get during any given visit, you can be sure that they will be upbeat and very friendly. The setting is another huge part of what makes this such a unique place to gather with friends and family and it all starts with this amazing location at 555 Parkway right on the bank of a curve in the West Prong Little Pidgeon River. This great area is perfect for enjoying a meal on the patio and it is within walking distance of countless fun things to do, making Now Way Jose’s the perfect place to grab a drink or meal in between your Gatlinburg adventures. And, an incredible specialty cocktail menu provides the perfect refreshments for your time spent relaxing here.
From the way you feel in the restaurant to the way the food tastes, you will love every aspect of your experience at No Way Jose Cantina. Make sure you visit them during your next Gatlinburg vacation, and you will probably find your new favorite restaurant in the area! Contact us now!