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Rockin Raceway Arcade

Some of our fondest memories from our youth involve hours spent in the arcade using all our allowance trying to win the top score on pinball and other video games, but the good times were about more than playing games. Friends were made, battles were won, and romances were begun. The arcade was a microcosm of real life and we enjoyed every minute. Today, while you can’t relive the same adventures, you CAN bring back your youth for an hour or two when you visit the Rockin Raceway Arcade during your once in a lifetime Tennessee vacation—and introduce your own children to the magic of the games as well!


Rockin Raceway is Located at 2839 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

The second-best part of racking up the high scores was the steady stream of tickets that your high scores earned and the prizes you could choose according to how many tickets you won. We fondly remember standing in front of the glass display case, debating the merits of the wax lips versus the pencils with the troll hair on top and wishing that we’d earned the million tickets needed for that shiny silver boombox. When you visit Rockin Raceway Arcade, the games may be more vivid and realistic, and instead of tickets you get credits on a play card, but the excitement is the same. Also offering an Old Time Photo Shop, you can go home with a visual memory of your step back in time—just remember not to smile for a more authentic picture; in the old days, no one smiled!

And because some people prefer to do more than watch characters on a screen, go-karts outside the arcade allow you to be the captain of your own ship, the ringleader of your own circus, the driver of your own destiny. Ride alone and race your older children, showing them that mom or dad still has it, or hop on a two-seater and share the thrill with a younger child who is too young to drive.

Gaming and go-karting can build a big hunger, and an onsite snack bar offers treats to fill the empty holes in your stomach. Rockin Raceway Arcade has thought of everything to make sure your day at the arcade is everything you remembered it to be!


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