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Old Mill Pigeon Forge

In the world we live in today, old has become a bad word. Old dogs are put to sleep, old people are ignored, and old buildings are torn down to make room for newer and better. In Pigeon Forge, however, we embrace the old. We nurture the elderly canines, treasure the older generation, and instead of tearing down old buildings, we repurpose and restore. The Historic Old Mill Pigeon Forge is a perfect example: What used to be an active flour mill has been repurposed for the joy and entertainment of our residents and visitors from around the world!


Located on Old Mill Street, Pigeon Forge

The best part about this historic mill built in 1830 is that even after existing for nearly 200 years, it is actually still used as a mill. On your visit you will be able to enjoy what was once considered state of the art “technology,” and as archaic as it may seem today, you have to admit to being a little impressed at its staying power! Rated as one of the most photographed old mills in our country, today it serves many purposes: It’s a general store, a restaurant, and of course, a reminder of the importance of revering our history, not destroying it.

The Old Mill Restaurant features country food at its finest for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every meal offers a different treat. For breakfast, our favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin Pecan French toast; even the name is more than a mouthful! At lunch you will find us chowing down on a Deep South Chicken Pot Pie that tastes like something our grandmothers used to make all those years ago. Dinner is a toss-up. On nights we prefer seafood, their deep-fried shrimp makes our stomachs happy, while other nights we might go for a simple but tasty ribeye steak. Your choices may be different ones, of course, but we can promise that everything will be tasty!

Also offering a Pottery House café for weekend brunch and lunches every day, your food needs will be more than met at the Old Mill Pigeon Forge. When visiting the General Store, you can purchase grains that have been ground right there, homemade jams and jellies, and a host of other unique items that you never knew you needed until you spotted them on the shelves!


Old Mill Pigeon Forge

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