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Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge

Sometimes it’s difficult to find an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family when on vacation. The younger members really aren’t into museums and monuments, while the older ones start to feel if they have to get on one more ride, carousel or coaster, they will absolutely lose their minds! Fortunately, Pigeon Forge truly is a family-oriented vacation destination, offering tons of activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages—Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge is just one fun example!


Located at 3263 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Even if playing miniature golf is a regular event in your family, it still never seems to get old, and when you visit Fantasy Golf, you’ll discover it’s as if you’ve never played before. As you cross the “drawbridge” that takes you into the colorful castle this golf course is designed after, you’ll find yourself picking up the pace, eager to get the game started!

Once inside you’ll have the option of two courses: One is easier for families with small children, the other is a bit more complicated, offering a challenge for the older travelers in your party. There’s also a third option of playing both for a discounted price, allowing you to double your fun and burn up a few more vacation hours. The courses themselves are built to resemble a medieval forest filled with magical creatures, including a man carved from wood, a dragon, and a volcano overflowing with hot lava. Throughout the courses you’ll always find a winged Pegasus, an enchanting mermaid, and some kind of dinosaur (we’re not up on the latest dinosaur lingo, but we bet your children will be able to tell you the name of the plated beast stalking one of the holes!).

Ticket prices are reasonable and will easily fit into any vacation budget; even larger families will leave happy with how little money they actually spent! Fantasy Golf in Pigeon Forge is a fan favorite for many!


Fantasy Golf In Pigeon Forge

When the last hole in one is completed and the clubs are returned to the employees at the Fantasy Golf window, there’s no need to feel down; you’re about to return to your magical Pigeon Forge vacation cabin! Spacious yet still feeling warm and cozy, the views of the real enchanted forest as seen from the oversized windows of our Cabin Rental Store luxury cabins will soothe your soul. Reserve yours today and discover the difference our cabins can make for your annual family vacation!



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