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Very little was easy about being a frontiersman in American’s heartland in the mid-19th century, but one thing was for certain: A hard day’s work could never be done on an empty stomach! Legendary frontiersman David C. “Crockett” Maples knew this better than almost anyone else, and once he completed his military service in 1865, he set out with a dream to create an establishment that would ensure no trader or frontiersman in the Smoky Mountains would ever be without a full stomach. Thus, since 1875, Crockett’s Breakfast Camp in Gatlinburg, TN has been providing incredible breakfasts to travelers from all over while maintaining a unique, home-cooked feel. Crocketts Break Camp is for everyone!

Home Sweet Home

From the moment you step inside Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, you’ll immediately feel at home and pulled back to a simpler time. From rustic décor lining the walls to the wood flooring beneath your feet, Crockett’s will have you feeling like a real frontiersman from years past. Between that and our large, roaring fireplaces, you’ll have to resist the urge to put your feet up and take a load off!

Food That Fills!

The one thing that Crockett’s specializes in more than anything else is ensuring that every single customer that comes in leaves with a full stomach, and they do so with portions and meals fit for frontiersman! Crockett’s Breakfast Camp provides breakfast offerings for whatever you may be craving—from traditional omelets and pancakes to more non-traditional offerings such as Jimmy Jose’s Scrambler (which contains refried beans and Mexican rice!). Regardless of what you’re looking for, Crockett’s provides a wide selection of offerings at a very reasonable price— and more importantly, lots of it! One menu item in particular is the humongous cinnamon rolls, a specialty of Crockett’s and one that guarantees you won’t be hungry until the next day!

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

The thing that truly makes Crockett’s Breakfast Camp a must-visit if you’re in the area is their commitment to excellence and the standards that the legendary David “Crockett” Maples put into place when he first opened this restaurant. For over a century and a half, Crockett’s has been committed to providing their customers with the best home cooked breakfast in the entire Smoky Mountain area, and the legacy and tradition endures to this day. Whether you’re a modern day frontiersman facing down the challenges of the day or just another weary traveler passing through, make sure to stop in at Crockett’s Breakfast Camp.